• IIpirata I think what you said about being able to return to good shape is easier once we've been in it may ring true.  Todays workout was the best of the week.  I made a big jump in all muscle groups.  Another thing of note was the focus.  Funny was I was running a little behind this morning and I have precious little time to get to the gym and then get to work.  I have to be up a 3am just to get everything done in time.  Today was a day that I needed to not only get myself ready and loaded in the car (Takes a gym bag and lunch bag that is quite large) and load up my wifes car since she needs a lot of stuff for work but has to handle getting the kids ready and loaded (she is a saint I tell ya!) end of ramble back to the point.  Since I was pushed for time I think it forced me to be on point for the task.  I hit the weights with a focus I hadn't felt since February! It felt good and adds to the motivation for the next workout tomorrow.  I have already seen gains in my HIIT from the first to the second.  Maybe by week 4 I will have gotten back to where I was before. I don't know if anyone here has done any P90X but in it Tony Horton talks about his ab workout  he says "I hate it but I love it" that is how I feel about HIIT.  I dread it before but when I finishe I love the feeling.  Each time I do it I feel a real sense of accomplishment.  So tomorrow I will Keep Pushin' On.


  • Hey Travis!!! It's great to have you back.  Whenever I don't won't to do HIIT I try to remember what Chris's(?) wife said when he was bemoaning having to do cardio.  "Get up it's only 20 minutes you pansy."  Makes me smile every time.

  • That is absolutely awesome! I love using my before picture as motivation. I mean my before NOW picture! LOL


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  • YOU go tiger.  By the way im into week 5 and loving it. Im also going to start training for the l.a. rock n roll half marathon we start training at the end of the month. Not quiet sure how to do my 20 cardio sessions and the training for my marathon. Im going to keep up with the weight for sure. any suggestions???

  • eyezu1 here is something Mike Harris posted on this.  I hope it helps.

    Aimee! Did I answer this question for you recently by email? It sure looks familiar!

    Anyway, I’ll answer it here again for the benefit of others. One of the primary reasons that BFL is so successful is that both the cardio and the resistance training are short and intense so the body has plenty of time to rest and grow lean, dense muscle that then helps you to be a fat burning machine. Common sense tells us that the more muscle you have the more heat your body develops and thus the more fat it burns. Research and just looking at the bodies of marathoners will quickly tell you that those who opt for lots of long cardio like marathon training usually end up with little muscle mass.

    The plan you’ve devised, doing a long run on the weekend, would probably occupy a couple of hours of cardio time at a minimum. That will definitely impact your ability to keep and grow dense, lean muscle, but it won’t be fatal to it. In other words, you can do it, but your fat burning and your muscle development will not be as good if you don’t do it. Also, you will really see a dropoff in your energy level for the first resistance training session that follows your long run, especially if you do it the day afterward. So, I’d suggest using Saturday as your long run day, and if you can’t, then make Monday your free day and just do nothing on the Monday and start your week with resistance training on tuesday. You definitely need one day off!

    Keep track of your resting pulse rates when you get up in the morning, and if it begins to rise, if your sleep gets more fitful and less restorative, and if you develop any vague muscle aching or a sense that you’re just swimming in glue, you’ll be experiencing an overtraining effect. If that happens, you’re going to have to abandon one of these programs or you’ll end up sick or injured.

    One last thing. You’ll need more carbohydrates than BFL provides. For the last three meals the day before your long run, and the first couple afterward, add some carbs and drop some protein out of your diet. Instead of 40/40, make your protein/carb ratio more like 25/55, in good rich carbs. You’ve got to have energy that lasts during that long run. Good luck!

  • Thanks for this.. I guess Im going to try and do at least one 20 min cardio HITT and the other two days my longer distance and of course on Sat is when we meet with the team.  Which as the weeks increase will be longer days , I dont have our training schedule yet Until the end of the month. IM going to  keep doing my weights . Guess I will figure it out as I go along... Its going to have to interupt my body for life plan for a bit obviously. IM just so into bfl right now. But I knew my half marathon training was coming up.. Guess I just want to keep losing fat so hopefully that will continue it just may take longer ..


  • Travis--How's it going?  I'm gonna try to run a half marathon in GI over Labor Day weekend.  Keep your head in the game!!!!

  • Hey there, Im into week 6 now of Body for Life. And last nmonth I signed up to do the la. rock n roll half marathon with team in trianing. So I posted Im doing body for life program but how am i going to fit in bfl and the half marathon training. I guess instead of my 3 day 20 min hitt its just going to be my half marathon training,. Or should it be 2 sessions the 20 minute hitt  and then save my other two training days for longer distance. My team meets every sat for our longer days which we actually start at the end of the month. What do you think..

  • Checkin in to see how you're doing Travis...

  • Hey everyone its been all week since I checked in.  The beginning of the week was a bit hairy.  I did some work in the Weedy lot behind my fence getting the weeds from growing through and something got in my shoes and cause a major irritation of my skin.  It hurt to wear shoes on Monday since it was right under where the lace tightens at the ankle.  On Tuesday I was majorly sick.  Eating wasn't that great on that day.  By Wednesday though I was back in the game.  Had a decent UBWO and Thursdays HIIT was pretty good.  I was rollin' by Friday's LBWO and today was my best HIIT since officially begining this challenge.  Talk about a "10" !  I went 1.72 miles with a top speed of 9.2mph for my 10.  Not my best ever but I am not that far off.  I think some things are coming back much faster than I thought they would.


  • Hi once again.  Today is the third day for week 3 for me.  This week has to be the most consistent week so far in this challenge.   My workouts are doing good and am starting to feel that old itch again.  The one that felt like I was challenging myself and going for it rather than dragging myself to the gym.  Getting back into good routines of planning and making my meals as well as my next days workout.  I am seeing gains as well.  I am already back to about 1.72 miles in my hit on the treadmill.  Not too shabby considering how far I fell back.  Next week is going to be even better I can feel it.


  • Hey Travis, glad to see you doing so well.  By now you should be real clear on the fact that you control this.  The challenge is luck, it's persistence and determination.  Just keep it up and you're going to top your last challenge.

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  • Travis - fantastic story ! You've been there before and you can do it again ...

    When is your half marathon ?? How is that working - training for that AND following the BFL schedule ? I have a 1/2 marathon on October 30th and I'm working on meshing the running schedule and the BFL cardio, kind of making a hybrid training schedule.


  • Hey there Kristen did you figure out how your going to  fit in body for life with your half marathon. Im doing a half marathon OCtober 24 l.a. rock n roll half. Started my training already and you ???/