Weight Loss - Challenge Length Question

  • Hello -

    I just have a quick question for those BFL experts out there.

    I just finished Week Six and I have lost 9 pounds in those six weeks. I have also lost a bunch of inches everywhere and am developing some really defined arms, shoulders, and back muscles, but I'll save you all the boring details.  I am 5'8" tall, and I started my challenge at 152.8; my current weight is 143.8 and my goal weight is 140, which means I have 3.8 pounds to lose and the remaining 6 weeks to do it.

    I realize my progress could stall these next 6 weeks, but so far my weight loss has been very consistent week to week - so my question is......what do I do if I reach my goal weight before the 12 week challenge is over? Do I stop the challenge and go to some sort of maintenance or finish the challenge even if that means losing additional weight that I really don't need (or want) to lose?




  • If you have no desire to lose additional weight, then begin slowly increasing the amount of clean foods you eat during the week.  Untill all scale losses stop.  You need to continue your challenge and then at the end take pics, write your essay and submit your completed package.

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  • Exactly as Michelle said.  Just make sure that you increase your intake slowly - with 6 meals a day, adding 50 calories each meal will add up to adding 300 each day.

    Congrats on your progress so far - nice job!!

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  • Thanks for the advice Champster and Clint.

    I'm not quite ready to increase yet. I still have 3.8 pounds to lose, but I just was wondering what the procedure was if those pounds left me before the next six weeks were over.

    I was walking around the grocery store this morning and thinking.....Hhhmm...maybe I will shoot for 138 pounds (5.8 pounds in the next 6 weeks) instead of my goal weight of 140 just to see if I can. But honestly, that would have to be it. 138 pounds at 5'8" with muscle and toning would be thin enough. Gosh that last sentence sounds nice! haha