Post Competition Blues

  • I had my final photos done last night now, wow, where do I go from here.   This has been quite an adventure.  I didn't realize how much motivation this has been for the past three months.  

    I was considering what to do next and I don't feel like working out at all.

    Has anyone else experienced the same?

  • I thought that I'd include a sneak preview.  My after picture is after about 7 weeks.  You'll have to wait to see the final picture.


  • It's not uncommon.  I like to describe it like marathon training coming to an end.  You work and work and run your race and then what?  

    Determine whether you are physically and mentally in a good enough place to go into maintenance mode or take active rest, eat more clean healthy foods and enjoy some activities you've neglected and then decide if you want to do another "challenge".  Most take 1 to 2 weeks off of heavy lifting and do other things like classes, out door running or even dance lessons.

    Be sure you write that essay and send that completed entry packet in.

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  • Awesome job!!! Cant wait to see the final picts!


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