Starting 5 week on BFL- pics posted

  • lol yeah I was confused when i read that Fat free is better for you than Skim.. i though it was the same too! thanks for the clarification! :) I've been buying fat free but i only have it on my free days, ive heard that its good to have a glass a day though.

    IIpirata- How do you like the Almond Breeze milk? I'm kind of scared to try it! lol

    Nancyjod- Thank you! in the past week ive been doing a 10min "cooldown" by walking around the block with my puppy and i think its helped a lot!

  • Thanks guys for all the info.

    Your all GREAT

  • oh I LOVE almond breeze!

  • Hi

    I was wondering if theres' a linc on this website for members who post there fav. recipes?

    All I see in the recipe section are a few.

    Years ago when I did the challange there was a site w/ hundreds of recipes!!

  • You look awesome!  Here's to a great 7 more weeks!  Can't wait to see your final results.  Keep up the great work!! :)

  • One trick that might help you see a little more drop off the scale is trying to stay more active during the day as well...parking further away, and walking more, or just trying to be a little more active overall. The extra calories this burns will help in the long run. You are doing great though, can definitely see some serious progress. Keep it up!!!

    Vegas Dave--I know we can do this, and together we are so much stronger. We have the power!!

  • I think there is a fourm under "The Kitchen" and i think people there have been posting some of their favorite recepies, I have found a couple on there that have been great!