Top 10 Ways to Spot Someone on Body for Life

  • Bryan # 10, are those same gym rats doing bench press the whole time ?

  • Not sure who started this - didn't go all the way back, but this is great.   Here is my attempt.

    10. Orders ice water at the show and has a protein bar in her pocket

    9.  Her daughter has an evening event and asks "what time are you supposed to eat, will there be a conflict?"

    8. Has a lamenated flourescent green post it on the bike for HIIT

    7. Is deeply attached to her tupperware - very deeply

    6. Has 3 sets of measuring cups and only the 1/2 & 1/4 are the ones that are ALWAYS in the dishwasher

    5.  You will hear "pour - 4oz" and "shake shake shake" in the morning - betagen

    4. You will hear "pour - 8oz" and "blend blend blend" in the afternoon - protein shake w/frozen strawberries

    3. Is the one that goes up and down the hallway to the water cooler 7 - 10 times a day, depeinding on how much water she drank at home

    2. Has a shelf in her closet for her WO clothes, towel, Ipod and exercise gloves   =)

    1. Has a cooler in the trunk and plastic covered spoons, from every conveniece store that they stopped at for a bathroom break from the last road trip, in the glove compartment box of the car (she ALWAYS forgets to pack the spoons).

    bonus. Can answer honestly "yes I like eating Chicken and Salmon and Turkey" every week, it tastes good.

    Have a great one everybody!!!

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  • Cory-LOVE it!!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • * Looks forward to "salmon day"

    * thinks that adding .01 of a mile to his distance record on the elliptical is awesome

    * no longer needs to have his ID tag scanned at the desk because everyone at the gym knows him by name

    * always has a water bottle with him (And knows where all the rest rooms are in whatever building he's in)

  • 11.  Loves that the main beverage for everyone in her home right now is water.

    12.  Likes seeing that even though thereis still some white bread in the house everyone seems to choose wheat or whole grain fairly often  (it's kind of like the whole family has unintentionally jumped on bored with me.)

    13.  Where's a swim suit without feeling insecure.

    14.  Looks for BFL books in every store she goes to and has bought two more and given them to family members.  

    *  Just thought I''d add a few:)

  • ... and another one.  

    Thinks "vacation planning" means buying protein powder, protein bars, jump ropes, and resistance bands....


  • * He's mentally preparing for his 2nd challenge, and has purchased a 2nd Success Journal for it

  • This is an amazing thread. Here's mine:

    "He is in bed at 9:30pm during summer vacation while his fraternity brothers are just beginning to get trashed in the living room." (Yes I'm a college student, trying to avoid perpetuating particular stereotypes)

    "His friends devour a pizza in front of him and all he can think about is how much longer he's going to have to wait for Trader Joe's to get more Buffalo Burgers in stock."

    "He begins to dread free days because he knows he will be moody without his morning workout AND knows he will soon encounter waves of painful stomach aches"

    "HE CAN NOT STOP CHECKING HIS PROGRESS IN THE MIRROR" (haha this one is getting out of hand)

    "He is at week 10, but is already mentally preparing for his next challenge."

    "He forgot a belt because he didn't need one before with these pants and is frustrated because he now has to pull them up every few steps."

    "He looks like he's going vomit whenever he's on the elliptical. I mean yeah, he was going fast, but he was only on there for like 20 minutes."

    "Is he seriously listening to the Rocky theme song during the last bit of his cardio workout?" (haha it works)

    "He keeps writing notes down in some journal after each set."

    "Seriously, he's blending another protein drink? That's the third one today..."

  • that reminds me...

    * He needs to buy a smaller belt

  • wow I just read back to the beginning of this thread after I posted my 10 yesterday and saw that champster09 also had rocky on her ipod as well. I recommend this to anyone that needs that extra push while trying to hit that 10 at the end of their twenty minute session.

  • * thinks that 3 scrambled egg whites on a piece of whole wheat toast is an awesome way to start the day

  • 1. She started a week and a half ago and has now talked her husband to joining in because he sees it really does work and its not another one of her crazy loose weight gimmicks

    2. She goes to "eat" with her co-workers but orders a water, plain salad and pulls out a myoplex bar.

    3. She has to buy a new pair of running shoes because the old ones had a blowout!

    4. Keeps a water bottle everywhere she will be for the week.

    5. She is no longer late for work, actually she is always early.

    6. People she has not seen in a few weeks ask her what she is doing because she looks great.

    7. Her new BFF is the treadmill.

    8. Gives up her free day because she does not want to feel sick after.

    9. Someone mistakes her daughter for her sister.

    10. She has met some of the best people on earth since she started posting on the BFL website!!

    Love this post lets keep it going!!!

  • * He has sent copies of the BFL book to several friends