Started 06/28/10!! 4 week pics in profile!! Down 15 lbs so far.

  • Hey!  Glad to hear you are doing so great!  I just passed week 4 and lost 10lbs myself!!!  I am soo excited and happy and can't wait to keep going!  Nice to know it's working for others out there as well!!  

    I think I actually started "overtraining" though (there is such a thing) so I might need to backdown my cardio..I was hitting it hard everyday and just alternating my strength training...My legs are KILLING me!  LOL   I will prob still do Cardio tonight but maybe back it down some..  :P

    Keep up the great work!  :)


  • Thank you for the kind comments and encouragement. All of you guys rock, and this is a great community!!

    Mustang- I'm excited for you. Follow the plan, and work hard and you will LOVE the results. I get more compliments than I have ever remembered getting in the past 10 years. It's amazing!

    I have hurt myself this week from overtraining, so I definitely know how you feel. No weights until the strain in my forearm goes away. Never, never lift heavy without a spotter. It was very dumb of me.

    Best of life to you all, and keep up the good work. Thank you so much for all of your support!!

    Vegas Dave--I know we can do this, and together we are so much stronger. We have the power!!