What's the wierdest/craziest thing you've eaten?

  • This is my first week and I hadn't really planned on starting the challenge so my kitchen cupboards are not really bfl friendly right now.  I have had to come up with some creative ways of getting my portion of carbs and protien.  I've been reading a lot on this forum and I know a bunch of you are just plain nuts so I'm wondering what is the wierdest or craziest thing you've invented in order to get your carbs and protien?

  • 1 pack of tear open tuna, 2 TBSP dannon light peach yogurt mixed together along with 1 tsp jalepeno and spread on a low carb toritilla.  Curtesy of BFL Mike. Sounds gross, but really pretty good in a tropical way.  The yogurt completely changes the taste of the tuna.

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  • I am a weird food eater.  Dealing with my hypothyroidism I was on an every other day program where I ate low carb and ate 500 cals one day 1800 cals the next then 500 cals one day then 1800 etc. etc. etc.  Anyways I ate a TON of gross stuff when I was doing that! Like egg whites scrambled with green beans. Um yuck.

    So far on BFL I don't really eat THAt much weird stuff except I do eat alot of yams.  One of my favorite sources of my 20g of carbs for a meal.   I microwave the yam then smash it up with some liquid sucralose to sweeten and some cinnamon.  And then I just plop like 2.5 oz of that on top of my protein.  So I'll just spread it on a lean burger patty or on a chicken patty and eat it.

    Yeah I guess thats sort of weird/gross.

    Also yogurt mixed with cottage cheese

    yogurt mixed with protein powder

    I personally don't think these are weird but they are probably not ever eaten outside the weight lifting community.

  • Krisha,

    I expected some better concoctions from you!  Glad this nutrition plan is working out for you.


  • Yeah the stuff I eat is way more normal and sort of delicious than what I'm used to eating!  I've done low carb and low cal for YEARS.

    You've never seen someone more overjoyed to consume a sprouted grain tortilla.  First grains to pass my lips in close to four years.

    I had a tear of joy in my eye. literally.

  • Got it... Kisha.... You are doing great!  Keep up that attitude and this will be worth every second you put into it.


  • Oatmeal and cottage cheese.  Sounds gross but it is actually pretty darn good.

  • This is not very weird, but yesterday for lunch I picked a protein (Trout), carb (Sweet Potato), and a veggie (Cooked Carrots).  Once I put it all on the plate I realized that everything was orange.  It looked weird on the plate, but it all tasted great! :-)