Eight week miracle... where R u??!!

  • thanks Julie.. wow..five children? You must be a very experienced mom.. I DO feel exhousted and nowadays I give my baby the bottle and sometimes give up and leave her to her daddy or the nanny. Yes I definately will focus on my veggies. And thanks for your eggs-tips, I didn't realized that I need more eggs. I thought a whole eggs will add a lo t of fat... thanks again!

  • Julie.. thanks a lot.. i really need those encouraging words from experienced mom.. I DO feel exhousted, and nowadays I give my baby the bottle and sometimes give up and give her to her dad or the nanny. About the eggs, I didn't realized that I need more eggs, I thought a whole eggs will add a lot of fat.. thanks again!

  • Ilpirata... haha.. where's my head.. yes, I meant between SETS.. So, after each SET, do I really have to wait exactly sixty seconds before move the the next SET?

  • Sharron.. thanks for sharring.. I will wait for my miracle, no matter when...  

    Sueno.. thanks for your support! Go mommy Go!!!

    Already feel strong and motivated again!!! thanks all!!!

  • Hang in there.  My 8 week miracle didn't come until about week 11 1/2.  It will come!

  • I just finished week 9 - I haven't had a miracle week yet.  This past week I was so upset about it because I expected someting big in Week 8 that I blew week 9 - I mean I went to the gym but I skipped most of my protein shakes and I wasn't really into my cardio and I ate a bunch of crap.  This morning I took some new photos and there is definetly a big change.  I looked at what I am eating and after the first 4 weeks I started to reduce my portion size so I'm going to up them and work on my cardio and hope the next couple of weeks I experience a miracle and if not - well, I'll be doing C2.

  • Janice44-my "miracle" happened about wk 10...make sure you are fueling your body properly! The changes are happening on the inside first as your body is burning the instramuscular fat first (I hope that was the right wording) then it heads for the fat you can actually "see". Not everyone's body composition is the same so the big miracle happens at different times.

    hang in there, it will come. Once my wk 10 got there, things got better every week! I just finished my 2nd challenge...My pics are on my profile!

    All my best to you! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Waiting 60 seconds between sets will allow your muscles just enough of a rest that when you start again it won't hurt your muscle groups. While I understand a press for time, you also don't want to go too fast and end up hurting yourself. So, give yourself that minute between.

    Broccoli - Try lemon pepper, or some other low sodium seasoning on it. When I need an extra kick for healthy fat, I try parmesan cheese, but careful on how much

    You can do this!!!!

    I always tell myself that I gave myself 17 years to get out of shape (your time may be much smaller) the least I can do is give myself 12 weeks to try and get out of the bad habits and poor shape I'm in.

    You're champ for making it this far, don't give up now.