Eight week miracle... where R u??!!

  • I'm on week8, still waiting for eight week miracle everyone talking about. I want to finish the last 4 week without any mistakes, so here is my questions:

    1. Do I need more proteins?

    Meal 1: whey protein (23 gr protein, 5gr carbs, 2gr fat) + 4tbsp oatmeal

    Meal2: whey protein +1 apple

    Meal3: 1 potatoe+ 1 piece roasted chicken *** / tenderloin beef

    Meal4: 1 wholewheat bread+ 1 tbsp cottage cheese

    Meal5: 1/2 cup brown rice+ 4 eggswhite

    Meal6: 1 cup yogurt+ 1tbsp cottagecheese

    2. Do we have to wait EXACTLY 1 minute between reps? I'm doing my weight exercise pretty slowly and make sure hitting my 10s, and also follow the cadence of "I am bulding my body-for-life" while lowering the weight. But I can't wait for 1 minute between reps cause I have tight schedule, so sometimes it's only 20-30 sec between reps.  

    3. Can I get optimal result if I still lack of sleep? I'm a mom of 8 mo-old-baby, and sometimes have to wake at night to feed the baby, so usually I have about 6 hours  sleep.

    I really need some motivation.. I'm tired, sometimes feel guilty for leaving my baby every morning to do the exercise at the gym.. I'm also keep asking myself is this going to work? I don't have guts to weigh myself, cause I'm afraid I'm gonna loose my motivation if the result is not just like I'm expecting. I don't have anyone's support, my husband keeps telling me to quit because he thinks I'm doing this "too much".  The only thing that makes me move on is all the chats and comments in this forums, and all the story about 8 week miracle... Hope I'm gonna have the miracle soon...


  • OMG girl....You are So worth this DO NOT QUIT ON YOU...DO YOU HEAR ME???? You can change a few thing here and there because everybody is different. You need some veggies to lunch and dinner. I think you may need more calories thorugh your day. You may be starving. Equal parts protin, carb and veggie for lunch and dinner. You have to feed your body.

  • my eight week miracle came in the 10th week.  Better late than never.  hang in there  jill

  • aufan.. thanks a lot! yeah, I'm starving all the time...not a veggie-fans, but will work on it!  I don't want to quit, but feeling discourage and have a lot of doubt here and there...

  • I printed out the food list from the challenge packet and that is what I pick from. Pick what veggie will work for you and add fatfree dressing or seasoning to it. It will be totally worth it in the end. Reread the eating part of the plan and follow it. Good luck girl.

  • Jilian.. thanks! your sharing of experience meant a lot to me! It's true, better late than never.. hope mine will come soon..

  • Remember you are so worth everything you are trying to accomplish.  Hang in there.  I remember reading that there are people who feel frusterations in  there 8th week.  I have noticed that once we have children we often feel guilty about taking time for ourselves.  I think the 4 hours we are asked to work out makes us much better at anything we do including parenting.  Everyone on here seems to be routing for each other so make sure to check on it when you get time.

  • definately not enough protein in the last 3 meals.  1 tbsp cottage cheese?  that should be 1/2-1 cup to get the full serving of protein.

    As to the sleep.  I've done all of my workouts on primarily 6 hours of sleep.  Catch up on free day if possible but it's not a challenge killer.

    Also change your way of thinking about working out and leaving the baby.  Your child is much better off understanding as he/she grows that mommy has to take care of mommy so she can take better care of baby.  

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  • Gracia,

    I am impressed with your stamina.  I have five children, and nursed them all.  I was always exhausted until they stopped nursing through the night!  Good job on that!

    You do need more food!!  In particular, more protein and veggies.  Where are your veggies, girl??  Really, you must eat them.  Our family faves are steamed brocolli and salad.  Here is my take on your meal plan:

    First, remember that most women aim for approx. 20-25gms protein and 20-25gms carbs per meal.  Those numbers are based on lean muscle mass.  You can find out yours with the body fat calculator in the tools section.  Since mine is 120lbs, when I divide that by six, I get 20.  That number is how many gms of protein, and how many gms of carbs I need to eat in each of six meals per day.  

    Having said that:

    Meal 3: You need to add VEGGIES!  Have a salad with this, and you will feel more satiated and stay full longer.

    Meal 4: What are the label stats on the bread?  You need to add more protein.  1TBSP cottage cheese hardly adds much protein.  

    Meal 5: each egg white has about 3.5gms protein.  4 whites will get you 14gms protein.  NOT enough.  If you add a whole egg (6.3gms protein) you will get to 20gms protein for that meal.  AND ADD A VEGGIE!!

    Meal 6:  Again, what are the label stats on the yogurt?  Many yogurts are high in carbohydrates and too low in protein.  Shoot for 20 of each.  Try greek yogurt.  I love CHOBANI.  The ones flavored with fruit have 20gms carbs and 14gms protein.  I add 1TBSP low carb vanilla protein powder and that adds 5gms protein, and 0.5 gms carbs, getting me to 20.5 gms carbs and 19 gms protein - much closer to the 20/20 goal.

    You are doing great...just adjust your meals some, and you will march through these last 4 weeks!  

    Good luck



  • I'm sorry do you mean waiting one minute between SETS?

    You wrote REPS which would make your workout hours long! You do the whole SET of either x12, x10, x8, x6 and then wait sixty seconds before moving to the next SET with higher weight fewer reps.

  • Garcia,

    Everyone experiences the 8 week miracle at different times.  I've had the miracle at week 8, the end of week 8 and during week 10, 11 and 12.  So it happens but at different times for everyone and in my case different weeks per challenge (I've completed 5 challenges), so hang in there continue to follow the program.  When it happens you'll know it.  When I first had the 8 week miracle, I knew it the moment I rolled out of bed.  It was really something to feel and see in the mirror (...not on the scale). :-)


    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Garcia :)

    You are Soooooo going to have more energy for your baby as she gets older :) It's only 4 hours a week. I go before my 3 boys even think about waking up. 20 minutes isn't that long and neither is 46. If you don't have support at home, we'll support you here :)



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  • aufan.. the first 6 weeks, I still ate my veggies with fat free mayo on it. But then I've read somewhere in this forum that even fat free mayo contains a lot of extra calori. so I stop eating the mayo and suddenly my brocolly taste "yuck", so I stop eating them too..

    If fat free dressing is Okay, I'll put them in my veggie again and become a veggie-addict again!! thank u!!!

  • Donna Lee.. Thanks for your support.. I hope it's only my temporary frustration..Yes I feel guilty cause sometimes I don't even have energy to pick my baby or nurse her. After reading all the comments here, I realized that maybe my fatique happened due to lack of calories..

  • champster.. thank u, i really appreciated your suggestion.. I know I have to add theprotein, especially with cottagecheese. I've already put a full tbsp of that on my bread, but that's all I can take. I can't imagine eating a whole cup, even 1/2 cup of that cottage cheese. But maybe I'll try it a li't by li'l...

    Thanks.. I'm not worry about the sleep anymore, and try not to feel guilty for my baby anymore..