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  • Keep up the awesome progress! I am on week 4 and have lost 2 lbs of fat and want to lose 13 lbs (of fat) more to reach my goal.


    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Thank you Bryan...I see by now you are probably half way through your challenge. How are you progressing?

  • Well, after a slight hiccup in the program...I'm back for my last four weeks of the challenge. Had been awakened by severe headaches about every four days, for about three weeks and so I rechecked my blood pressure. 191/100 at rest and 58 beats per minute. Called the doc and was told to hold off on WO until I could be seen. Skipped WO on Mon-Wed. Got meds adjusted and bunches of tests done and am cleared to exercise again. So here it is Thurs and I'm on day 1 of week 9. Hoping I can get my momentum back and really see more changes even though I skipped three days.

  • Another snag that has me really deflated right now. Doc cleared me to work out as long as the bottom number of my blood pressure doesn't go above 100. Since the med change it has been 160/104 pretty steady. Today 171/106. Can't reach the doc until Monday.

    I'm so upset that this is supposed to be the best 4 weeks as far as transformation goes. And I feel like I'm losing all the momentum I worked so hard to attain. I'm even seeing the eight week miracle as my middle is getting flatter and I see so many improvements in strength and stamina. What is happening? I thought my bp would go down by following bfl.

  • Still not working out due to blood pressure too high. At my follow up appt. three people took my bp and it was 200/116 (with 2 different meds). Doc gave me a 3rd type of medicine and could not let me leave until it went down. So now with the 3 meds, it is hovering right around 160/95. My perspective has changed a little since my last post. I'm reminded that God is in control and He knows the needs of my body more than I ever could. I'm trusting Him with my health and meanwhile, I'm still eating-for-life. This is very freeing for me, as I know I am doing all I can to be healthy and care for myself enough to wait until my body is ready again for the intense work outs.

    This challenge has already transformed me mentally and physically. I recognize how uncaring I was to myself by blindly putting lots of high sugar and fatty foods into my body and expecting it to give me lots of energy and great health in return. I realize that I have the strength to resist the junk food and truthfully, I don't even pine for that peanut butter cookie anymore. What I pine for now is the ultimate protein and complex carb meal in the right portion! That makes my day.

    Physically I am still losing fat, even without the workouts. My blood work shows that all my levels are completely healthy. No diabetes, great cholesterol, thyroid, sodium, platelets everything! I'm having to wear a belt now to hold my jeans up. That's new. And here are my updated stats:

    (Hovering at week 9 until I can work out again)

                    Day 1:                         Today:

    Weight    125lbs                        122lbs

    Body fat  30.05%,37.57lbs      19.85%, 24.22

    Waist      30"                               28 3/4"

    I am very thankful for bfl and definitely happy with my progress, even if it hasn't gone as I planned :)

  • Wow!  What a difference in your bodyfat!  Way to go!


  • Wow 13 lbs of fat gone!

    “"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out..." - Robert J. Collier”

  • Well it's time to check in after a 6-month break. Blood pressure issues seem okay and I'm starting the 12 week challenge for the second time. Offically started yesterday 7-9-11 with upper body. Amazingly I lost more weight even after the 8 weeks I put in last time. Here are my current stats: weight 115 lbs, waist 28.75 ", body fat 22.72% 26.12 lbs, BP 122/85. This time around I rallied up a team at work who will do this challenge together. So glad for the support in numbers and can't wait to see and hear everybody's success stories.