Becca's Transformation

  • Today is Day 3 for me.  I am still trying to pinpoint these meals.  Last night for dinner I made stir fry with brown rice, fresh peppers and onions, and diced chicken breasts.  I made enough to bring some to work today for lunch.  This was very easy, so preparation the night before is key.  I must pat myself on the back.  I woke up at 5:30am to get my cardio in.  Anyone who knows me would not believe this, because I value my sleep.  I was so proud of myself and now feel like my whole night is open for me.  I hope I stick with the early morning workouts!

    Last night I did my first upper body workout.  It was a good one, but I am still trying to find the right amount of weight to start with for different exercises.  That will come though.  I will start doing weights in the morning as well so it’s not as crowded. 

    I have yet to take my measurements.  I MUST do that tonight.  I took my before pictures on Sunday night.  They are hard to look at.  It’s amazing how we can look in the mirror everyday a certain way or form a visual of how we THINK we look.  A picture doesn’t lie and I saw a person in my pictures Sunday night that I don’t typically see in the mirror.  It was a huge motivator to say the least.  I am 5’8’’, 24 year old female.  On Sunday night I weighed 178 pounds.  On Tuesday morning I weighed 175 (probably water weight lost).  I am looking forward to taking my measurements tonight.

    One upcoming challenge for me will be this weekend.  I am going to the lake with family where big meals are prepared and lots of alcohol is consumed.  I have already told them I will be preparing my own meals.  I am hoping to avoid the alcohol but will take some White Zinfandel with me if I break down.  This is a big step for me because I am a Bud Light drinker.  Hopefully I will be ok!  If anyone knows of a better source of alcohol, do tell!


    Thanks and I wish everyone a great day wherever you are in this challenge!


  • My meals today.  Feel free to critique!

    Meal 1: Protein powder mixed w/ water. 2 turkey sausage pattys. Grapes

    Meal 2: Low fat string cheese and grapes

    Meal 3: Stir fry (1/2 cup brown rice, orange/yellow/red peppers, onions, diced chicken)

    Meal 4: Cottage cheese and yogurt

    Meal 5: Unkown right now

    Meal 6: Myoplex Lite

  • Meal 5, how about a tuna salad? Or if you don't like tuna, try a soup and an orange. Just add one or two vegetables. Those are my only suggestions.

    Other than that, it is well rounded meals. You could do this exact plan everyday and have it work for you. Although, I wouldn't suggest it. Eating the same foods gets boring really fast! lol.

  • Thanks Jarhead!  I forgot I brought carrots to work today as well, so there's one veggie!  

    I appreciate your input!

  • No problem! ;) AND GOOD LUCK! We're in it together...

  • Day 4:

    I woke up bright and early at 5:15am to get my lower body workout in.  It went well.  I can't say I hit a 10 but I am still trying to get my weights down; trying to figure out where I should be starting.  This morning I was really feeling my upper body workout from Tuesday.  Tonight I have a softball game so that should throw in some extra cardio.

    I am tired.  Very tired.  Before I started this I would go to bed at 11pm every night and wake up at 6:20am.  Now I am still going to bed at 11pm but waking up at 5:15.  Hopefully I will start getting to bed earlier.  

    Today's meals:

    Meal 1: Whey protein shake (1 serving) after workout at 6:20. 2 egg whites, cheese, and turkey sausage on a  Whole wheat bagel at 7:20.

    Meal 2: Protein pancakes

    Meal 3: Turkey burger patty on whole wheat bun with carrots

    Meal 4: Low fat yogurt and low fat string cheese

    Meal 5: Whole wheat pita with turkey and low fat cheese.  Green beans.

    Meal 6: Cottage cheese and strawberries

  • Before your softball game, i'd eat a good solid meal. Don't make it too light because you will run out of energy fast. Keep going! And good luck at your SB game!

  • Meal 5 will be my meal before my softball game.  Is that solid enough?  Should I add something else?  

    Thanks so much for helping me along the way!  You're awesome!  I checked out your profile.  Congrats on the new addition to the family!  And thank you for what you do for the United States.  I just got back from Washington DC, so I am extra grateful after touring the city.  I can't imagine your sacrifice.  

    I also saw on your profile that you can help me save money!  These Myoplex meal bars and shakes are very expensive.  I'm willing to keep paying for them if they will for sure help.  But are there any other supplements or meal bars/shakes that I can be taking.  I want to see optimal results!

    Thanks Jarhead!

  • Yes, meal 5 is VERY solid for a pre-game meal. Maybe just throw in a fruit of some sort.

    Simply look online. I usually go to ebay. But I look for certain products before I even go to ebay. For a protein shake for example, I would look for:

    1. Protein Isolate or Hydrolyzed. This will enter your bloodstream faster and be delivered for lean muscle growth. More lean muscle in turn means less fat.

    2. It usually doesn't have any carbs, just make sure it doesn't.

    3. Both kinds usually have BCAA's (amino acids) which are good for other things and growth. Some help maintain lean muscle mass while toning up. This helps with keeping a good shape while trimming the fat. Look them up before you buy.

    Currently, i'm using one from GNC but that i BOUGHT on EBAY. It was like $20 and last me about 1-2months. It's called Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60. The serving size is 3 scoops which has about 0 carbs 1g of fat and 60g of protein. That is really too much. I will take a little over one scoop, about 25g of protein.

    That's another thing, know your servings. If you DONT follow the instructions and only take what you NEED, you will save alot in the long run.

    Did that help?!


    EDIT: I meant to add balance bars. Look for them. Try them. They are great and have helped me out alot with fat loss. They are good snack substitutes. Like I said, ebay for me, has been the way to go. You might even look for EAS products on there. I haven't got the chance to look for that yet, but i will in my spare time.

    Many of the options on ebay you don't even have to bid anymore, you can just straight up BUY it!

  • You could also try  That is where I buy my Myoplex and it is more than 50% off of retail prices.  If you spend over $200 the shipping is free but otherwise it is only a couple of bucks.  I have always had it delivered within 3 days and I am very satisfied with the products.  You can save a bunch buying their special offers which usually are purchasing in quantity... like 4 boxes of Myoplex for instance.  Check out the site... you don't have anything to lose.  Keep up the great work!

  • Day 5:

    When I said tired in the last post, I meant exhausted.  So exhausted that I literally could not get out of bed at 5:00 this morning.  I had gone to bed at midnight.  I have to start getting more sleep and going to bed at a decent hour.  I am just one of those people that gets all their energy at night.  It would be great if I could exercise at night, but there is just too much going on.  So needless to say, I did not get my cardio in this morning.  However I WILL get it in before the day is over and that's all that matters.  

    Last night I played softball and it was a close game!  We ended up losing in the last inning but I was running all over the place.  Great cardio!  When I got home my dog gave me those "PLEASE take me on a walk" eyes.  So I took her out and I had so much energy from the game I started running.  We ran about a mile or so, not much.  So I got my lower body and lots of cardio in yesterday.  

    I am only 5 days in but I can feel my body changing already.  It may not be noticeable for someone else, but I can feel it!  My stomach feels flatter and I haven't felt bloated at all this week.  I feel like I have tons of energy all the time.  My mood has even improved.  Things that used to set me off or piss me off just haven't all week.  Last night I told my husband "I don't think I've raised my voice all week!".  Last night when I was running with my dog I felt like I was running with better posture and I felt strong.  I didn't get winded either.  It may all be in my head, but I can feel a change, whatever it may be.  I can't even imagine what week 12 is going to feel like!

    I am heading out in a few minutes to golf with my work crew.  Now that's a little cardio, right?!  Nah, I'll still get my 20 minute HIIT in.  This weekend is my big challenge.  I'm heading to the lake house with family who like big meals and lots of alcohol!  I am packing my meals and trying to refrain from drinks.  Wish me luck!  See you guys on Monday!  I hope everyone can avoid the weekend temptations!

    I'm out-


  • Day 8:

    The weekend went well.  I had 2 beers on Sunday (my free day) and 3 buscuits for breakfast.  Other than that, I didn't eat anything else bad.  Saturday night everyone was eating ice cream, so when the clock struck midnight, I made myself a small bowl.  I had no choice!  I was dying!  It gave everyone a laugh.  

    This morning I got to the gym at 5:30am.  I was fine starting out, but before I could finish my tricep workouts I got so sick that I had to leave.  I had a pounding headache and was nauseous.  I went home and went back to bed and got to work at 10am, 2 hours late.  I am fine now, but I have no idea why I got so sick!  Hopefully my cardio tomorrow morning will be better.

    I am feeling amazing.  I have had 4 people tell me I look great.  These people didn't even know I was on BFL and I was in my bathing suit!  I just have to keep on working!


    Meal 1: Cliff Builder bar- lemon

    Meal 2: Turkey and reduced fat cheese on whole wheat pita pouch.  Grapes.

    Meal 3: Low fat yogurt and cottage cheese

    Meal 4: Myoplex shake

    Meal 5: Chicken pasta from BFL website

    Meal 6: All bran cereal with skim milk

    Good luck everyone and keep on pushing yourself!


  • You know if you have all of your energy in the evening is it possible to do your workouts in the evening?  I have done this in the past and have seen great results in people who sometimes exercise as late as 9 pm.... Just a thought.  

  • I know, but if I wait until the evening the gym is so crowded and I find I am too busy in the evenings.  I am doing my cardio tonight.  I like to do weights in the morning though, because I have it all to myself!

    Thanks Catel!