Tia's transformation

  • I officially started Monday but I did cardio on Sunday just to get a jump start and to get myself in the mindset and ready to go. It was definitely a free day though as far as eating was concerned. But I really wasn't ready to completely go anyhow...

    I am officially on day 3! 81 more to go. I love the mantra that "Time will pass anyways" because anytime that I've set a goal for myself in the past of course that goal came and went just as fast as I knew it would! And there I was even heavier than I wanted to be.

    So this time with the help of all the wonderful people on the boards here. I will succeed this time! There aren't any shows to stay up and watch and I'm learning to watch the ones that I really do like either in the morning before I go to work or at 8:00 pm. I'm making my bedtime earlier because that also has helped in the past ward off the late night munchie munchkins that like to invade my space.

    Every morning, I wait until I get to the gym to fill up my water bottle because there's an inspirational quote on the board above the fountains. I can't remember the entire thing but this part I love the best:

    "You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret"





    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • Welcome Tia!!  I love that quote too and have used it on my college age son.  Have great success on your journey.   Jill

  • Hi Tia,

    We are on day 3 whoohoo! I love both quotes so thanks for sharing! I was just stopping by to say hello and wish you a great day!

    Tia Smiles. :)

  • Thanks for the welcome Jillian! :)

    Thanks Tia Smiles for being on the same day with me! LOL

    I ate sooooo many times today! It was INSANE! I am now eating for the 7th time. I was so hungry. I'm up to 155 ounces of water...sigh.

    Meal 1: 3 egg whites on 1 piece of whole wheat double fiber bread with coffee (I'd had 50 ounces from working out already before breakfast)

    Meal 2: Chicken strips with broccoli

    Meat 3: Chicken salad (just spinanch and pieces of chicken) with 5 strawberries

    Meal 4: Chicken strips with broccoli

    Meal 5: Whole-wheat bran cereal with fat free milk and protein added

    Meal 6: Spinach with onions and broccoli and 3 pieces of fish

    Ok....well that sooooo only adds up to 6. I feel like I counted 7!! LOL I think what happened was that I was interrupted by students this morning so I didn't get the full first meal all at one time...

    OK! SO then I'm on track then:)

    I bought cottage cheese today...this is going to be....interesting? I didn't buy the store brand because I'm already nervous aout eating it as it is...I think I will add one more meal today of just a little cottage cheese with a couple of strawberries to test it out for tomorrow.

    I also bought Greek yogurt but I don't have the extra protein to add to it yet...This first week is full of surprises!



    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • If you can't stomach the cottage cheese, Greek yogurt is a good alternative (From what I'm reading).

    I personally use cottage cheese and pineapple or cottage cheese and apples. Both are good to offset the taste.

    Good luck! I think you're going to do fantastic! Keep up that positive attitude!

  • Thanks Night  for those words of encouragement those really help! :)

    I tried the cottage cheese and it tastes like cheese!! LOL When I was younger I never wanted to eat cheese cake because I mean, who wanted a cake that tasted like cheese!? When I tried it I fell in love.

    Cottage cheese reminds me a little of a venezuelan cheese that I love. So it's not so bad.

    I did my work out this morning and was definitely glad it was over! Whew! Today was tougher than the other days for some reason and I didn't even change anything.

    SO now for the eating challenge! I can't believe I'm on day 4!

    How are you Tia Smiles?



    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • So the food challenge is finally over, although I was SOOOOO not ready for lunch. I thought I had another head of lettuce and lo and behold I did not. SO I ate raw broccoli with some lite dressing and the two last pieces of meat that I had in the fridge which I am SURE did not add up to the amount of protein I needed although I did throw an egg in there.

    I love the fact that I can eat strawberries. That's the best sweet tooth satisfier for me.

    meal 1: 3 scrambled egg whites on 2 pieces of whole wheat double fiber bread.

    meal 2: greek yogurt and a green apple

    meal 3: a piece of chicken *** and steak (very small) with broccoli

    meal 4: cottage cheese and strawberries

    meal 5: shrimp salad with broccoli. The shrimp salad was made with red, yellow, and green peppers, onions, dijon mustard, and mayonaise which I know is not approved but I didn't realize it until after I had made it.

    I have NO idea how I'm going to live with out mayo and butter :( I love them so much. BUT I do get peanut butter and double fiber whole wheat bread SO that kinda trumps those. Although...I don't know about that low fat dressing stuff...*sigh*

    Tomorrow is day 5!!!!!!!!!!!! One day closer to a week completed! This is exciting!




    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • One day I'm going to love upper body exercises but as of now...I do hate them I do. BUT I did hit most of my 10s!

    I even hit a 10 on my first rep! LOL That's when I realized I definitely had to lower the weight a little more because I was never going to make it to 24.

    Now again for the challenge...eating. I really need to go shopping so I don't have many choices at the moment. I have greek yogurt and an apple for my first meal. Fortunately I get off today at 11:00 so I can make it to the grocery store and get something for the rest of the weekend.

    I am going to try and find some myoplex locally so that I can start adding that.

    I realized that I bought the wrong cottage cheese! I bought full fat. I wish I would have bought the low fat first so that I would have never known the difference.

    Eh se la vie.

    I weighed myself although I really didn't want to. The scale called me and I forgot to tell my husband to do away with the thing. It showed that I'm down 6 pounds but I know that is sooooo water weight and it's sooooo coming back. I've been drinking well over 128 oz of water this week.

    I'd be very estatic though if I weren't an 8 week miracle but an every week miracle! LOL Either way I am definitely finishing this challenge because I want that prize. The money AND the satisfaction! I'm going to need the money for my new wardrobe!



    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • Ok so, from 218 to 209. I know I shouldn't get on the scale but I think I'm OK with it now. Maybe I'm only saying that because it's now down 9 pounds instead of the 6. But again, I know it's water weight. At first I was thinking that I might shoot myself in the foot it I keep getting in, but that would get in the way of my lower body and cardio..So I'll refrain from doing that.

    But I think that this a good thing because when my weight INCREASES then I won't be where I started...if that makes any sense.

    Anyhow yesterday was a DEFINITE challenge!

    I was in Wal-Mart and I was SOOOO hungry. I was going to go as soon as we left the alley. I thought I had my wallet  on my way home from the bowling alley with my students but I didn't so I had to go home and find it. I thought I knew where it was but of course I didn't. I finally found it about 30 minutes later.

    SO I found the myoplex bars and I put about 10 in my basket and then I opened one and ate it as I was walking through the aisles. I felt Sooooooo much better and the thing was SO darned good that I don't think I'll EVER have to deal with cravings for sweets. I'm eating more sweets that I have in an extremely long time!

    So, then I was thirsty...water bottle in the car. I strolled over and picked up some new exercise pants and then proceeded to the water aisle, where I picked up a 33 oz bottle of water and just about downed it right there.

    I wondered the whole time if they were watching me on the cameras and wondering what else I would "steal" when I got to the check out counter I gave the lady the wrapper and water bottle to scan and told her I just couldn't wait. She thought it was hilarious and couldn't believe that I was going to pay for it! Really? I guess some people would but...there's just no way.

    One of my students got stranded and I had to help him out that's a longer story than any of you want to hear. Then I got some bad news from my ex boyfriend's (who died last year) mother, his best friend's (who is like his brother and their child since their only child died last year) his situation isn't looking so great and more than likely they will lose him. They took him in as a teenager and pretty much raised him. Now they've lost both of their children one at 32 and one at 33. So I went over to visit her and her husband last night because I knew it was really traumatic for them. All the while worrying about my poor stranded student and hoping that he was ok (mentally) and not drowning his sorrows too much.

    I pulled into bed around 11:30 determined to get to the gym this morning and get my house ready for the plumbers to come...

    NOW here it is 6:49 and I'm ready to hit the gym for the last time this week.

    Hello Sonic chocolate Milkshake tomorrow, eggs cooked in butter and pork bacon and maybe some sushi. Those are my free day items. I thought I would want something different but I really just want some mayo and butter!! LOL



    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • OK so back from the gym and I must report that THAT was a 10! My shins hurt SOOOOOO bad while I was jogging I didn't think I was going to make it but I held onto the bars for the first time ever and pushed myself through. Now that felt good. Week 1 down! 11 to go!!



    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • Ok, those lovely "what ifs" were invading my mind last night as I drifted off to sleep

    "What if this doesn't work?"

    "What if I get discouraged after my first challenge?"

    "What if this doesn't work right for me?"

    "What if I put in all of this work and I don't get results?"

    Same questions over and over in a different way.

    The answer is "What if it does and you'll never know because you quit? How about we just find out!"

    I did pretty well fending them off and I'm looking forward to this next week of challenges. I'm going to plan out my food for the week and try out those protein pancakes to see what all the fuss is about. I'm ready to make a fuss about them! LOL

    I will finish my challenge and I will transform and I will win!



    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • Free day was cool. Didn't go out of control and I was able to reign myself back in although I didn't think I would be able to at first (pre-free day). That wasn't hard at all! It was really easy to get back on track and keep chuggin'.

    LBWO was great...murdered my abs and I am going to really feel it tomorrow. I think I'm going to bed early tonight because I am WAY past tired.



    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • This morning I worked my cardio, I am soooo not looking forward to upper body tomorrow! Waahh! I much prefer lower body. I'm glad that this week is a lower body work out week.

    I had a piece of cake at lunch because my boss made it and she does NOT ever cook or bake. So it was something special. It was no problem for me to decline it and I really didn't want a piece but she gave me the death stare so I ate it. I'd much rathe make the sacrifice and be on her good side than to get on her bad side which it's almost impossible to get off of.

    I was very proud of myself that it didn't turn into an all out binge the way it can most times that I give in. This is definitely an amazing feeling and it's more than I could have hoped for. I am definitely in more control of my food. I'm interested to see how Saturday and Sunday will go with the birthday party and the 4th of July.

    Will I be able to resist the vodka? Stay tuned...



    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...