Backsliding; free fall; desperately need advice

  • First, in 2007 I went from 5'7 230 lbs. 47 year old "lardo" to fit 160 lbs. using weight training, diet, cardio learned from Body for LIFE .

    Since then I have dropped even more and maintained at 150 lbs. and have dropped most of cardio, but kept diet and weight training.

    Lately, I've been falling back into the back old habits, i.e. late night carbo snacking, hamburgers, Chinese carryout.  The big problem is buttered popcorn at night. Two nights ago I ate a whole chocolate pie.  Last night I finished off 10 brownies.  I can't tell what precipitated this, as I am under a lot of stress 24/7.

    I did try to eliminate sugar from the diet six months ago and try to keep it at 15 grams a day.  I will not eat a subway sandwich due to high sugar content.  I will turn a sub into a salad.  I won't even drink milk (until I started backsliding).

    Does anyone have some ideas about eliminating this latest backslide?  I've actually been rather good for the last three years.  Until now.  I seem to lack even the most basic will power to get back on track.  I can't seem to stop the little motions and actions which lead to the late night binges.  I know its all in my head, but how does one re-engage??

    My planned normal menu is as follows:  Breakfast: cup of oatmeal;  egg omelet;  Mid-day snack: handful of cashews;  Lunch: taco salad, (no rice beans, or cheese), just chicken with lettuce; diet coke;  Midday snack: cheese stick;  Dinner: broiled chicken, veggies;  Late night snack: protein bar, no more than 2 grams sugar;

    My exercise regimen:  M,W,F weight training;  T, Th; cardio followed by ab exercises.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.





  • Your carb intake is almost non existent which, In my humble, is where your problem is probably steming from, you also dont seem to be taking very many calories for a guy.

    I spent 6 weeks taking in around 40g of carbs per day and, whilst i dropped 7lb of body fat in these 6 weeks, I also created a completely insatable craving for carbs that  I had no power over. The weekend of the 6th week I found myself i my kitchen with the remains of museli, toast, yoghurt and a whole stick of cookie dough feeling sicker than i thought possible and completely out of control. The same thing happened again on the Sat at which point i knew that what i was doing was creating a complete inbalance in my nutrition.

    And so, on monday 15th May, I started the BFL diet and despite my concerns started eating carbs with every meal and the cravings disappear within a day or two and havent returned. Take another look at the daily food for the programme and add in some more wholegrain/starchy carbs you should find once you satisfy your bodys cravings with good carbs you should stop craving the bad ones.

    Sian x

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  • Have some fruit as well.  That really helps me with sugar cravings.  You should eat a few servings of fruit throughout the day.  

  • do you have any before pictures of yourself? Blow those up and tape them to your fridge. Keep unauthorized foods (chocolate pie?!?!?!) out of the house COMPLETELY.

    Oh, and heres one from a low carb forum I'm on:  Go look at yourself naked before you eat something.

  • My suggestion is to break your day into compartments and do one compartment at a time. For example-just do your cardio in the am; then just eat breakfast TODAY; live life between breakfast and your next meal; do thet for one day and go to sleep. You can put together a string of days and that will let you know that you can do it, one day at a time, one workout at a time, one meal at a time.

  • In my humble opinion you've backed yourself in to a corner by just about completely eliminating carbs from your eating plan but that's just a small part of this picture.

    The binge eating is a result of two things, deprivation and emotional eating.  And just so you's not all in your head.  

    Part of the problem is the body screaming at you to feed it properly.  I suggest you get back to the full on basics of BFL original authorized foods list eating until you get a grip on this.  There is nothing that you put in to your mouth that will make you feel better emotionally.

    You said you are under pressure 24/7, did that just start or has something really brought you down to the "I don't give a crap anymore so I'm gonna eat a whole pie" level?

    Have you started taking any new meds that might be causing this "I don't care" attitude.  Obviously you do care because you are here asking for help but something is driving you to behave in this fashion.

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