• So C1W8D4...4 kgs lost to show for it, as well as a leaner body (2" less on every measurement)...feeling, good...but still 198 Lbs...how is it possible? I am hung up on the miserable 4 kgs (8.5lbs) in 8 weeks of devoted work.

    I could understand if I was 150lbs and had lost 8, but I am 198! Why? Had I been on a diet I would be thin by now!

    Sorry..it's just so frustrating. But I am happy and have not missed a workout in these 8 weekd. In fact for the last 10 days I do cardio also on resistance days and do abs on cardio days...I am trying to shed..but the fat is stuck on me!

    Will 'miracle week' 9 be different? Staying positive...kind of.

    Also--frankley, this way of eating is not for me. I am not used to eating protein so frequently...I am not a meat/fish eater at all!

    Sorry for the vent...



  • How about providing a list of your meals for a day?

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  • Jaja~

    You are losing inches!!  The scale sucks, I hate it!  It doesn't tell you how much muscle you have gained.  

    If you can't stand eating meat all the time drink the EAS shakes or cottage cheese or a small handfull (about 10) unsatled almonds.  You don't have to constantly eat meat.  It's important to eat by the book but it's also important to find combinations of meals that you enjoy.   Remeber lean protien is the building block of lean muscle and muscle is a fat eating machine.

    Stick with it and keep going strong.  I never got the "8 week miracle" my best results were literally the last 2 weeks.  

  • For encouragement read the womens success document by Mike Harris.  That helps a lot of people over the hump.

    If you review your food, your workouts and your sleep you might find some places that need tightening up.  But if you stay with this you are definitely going to see results.

    The fact that you have lost 2" everywhere and feel good means you have already lost a lot of fat and put on some muscle.  The scale can't differentiate between fat and muscle.  Only a skin calipers and photos can do that!

    Sick with it, fight hard and Lift Heavy!!

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  • Jaja,

    Congratulations on the 8 lbs. and the inches you have lost. That's good stuff! You are gaining muscle and changing  your body's composition.

    I know it's hard to resist, but my understanding is that under this program, doing extra cardio can actually hinder your progress, by inhibiting your body's ability to keep or create muscle mass. When you allow your body to build muscle, it will burn more calories. Extra cardio could actually cause your body to burn your hard-earned muscle.

    Also, when you do more and more cardio, you train your body to become more efficient, so as you become more efficient, your body will burn less calories at rest, unless you continually increase the difficulty of your cardio workouts. (This info is paraphrased from posts by our late, much-loved, BFLMike.)

    Also, are you working out in a fasted state (before you eat)? This causes your body to use the fuel you already have in your fat stores.

    Hang in there! The results came faster for me in the last few weeks.


    ps-have you seen the lady success document (compiled by BFLMike over the years)? It's in the Media Gallery and well worth a look if you haven't seen it.

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