The End of the Beginning - Challenge One complete

  • The End of the Beginning is here.  My first challenge is complete.  I wish I could say that I finished it with 'flying colors', but I didn't.  But what I did do, was finish.  And that was on the top of my goal list.  Simply finish.......regardless of obstacles, sickness (can anyone say five?) injuries (pulled left calve muscle) and a whole lot of stress with our family businesses.  But see life doesn't stop.  It's what we do (I do) when faced with difficulties.  So, with achieving progress (and not perfection) here are my results.  Sorry, no pictures at this stage of the game.

    During Challenge:

         Inches lost:  -22.00 inches in various places

         Scale weight loss:   -21.00 pounds

         Fat loss:  -27.87 pounds

         Muscle gain:  +6.87 pounds

         Fat % loss per online calculator:  -6.63%

         BMI loss:  -3.50

         Clothing size lost:  3 sizes

         Blood pressure drop:  From 134/89 down to 110/70  Woohoo!!!!

    Upper body workout progress:

         BACK:    1st Bench press:  0 pounds through 5 pounds

                      Last Bench press:  24 pounds through 60 pounds

         SHOULDERS:  1st Seated Press: 0 pounds through 5 pounds

                               Last Seated Press:  8 pounds through 12 pounds

         BACK: used stability ball and various exercises with and without weights because of back problems

         TRICEPS:  1st Seated Extension:  0 pounds through 5 pounds

                         Last Seated Extension:  8 pounds through 15 pounds

         BICEPS:  1st Bicep Curl:  0 pounds through 8 pounds

                       Last Bicep Curl: 8 pounds through 15 pounds

    Lower Body progress:

        QUADS:    1st leg extensions:  0 pounds through 10 pounds

                        Last leg extensions:  18 pounds through 32 pounds

        HAMSTRINGS:    1st leg curls:  0 pounds through 16 pounds

                                  Last leg extensions:  18 pounds through 34 pounds

        CALVES:    1st Seated Calve raises:  0 pounds through 16 pounds

                         Last Seated calve raises until I sprained it:  35 pounds through 65 pounds

        ABS:    Crunches:  didn't add weight but improved tremendously


        I didn't record distances, etc.  But when I started my first 9's and 10's later became my 6's and 7's  

    Since January 1st, 2010 as I eased into BFL in March (from sedentary lifestyle) until today:

        Inches lost:  -52.50 inches in various places

        Scale weight loss:  -45.60

        Fat Loss:  -69.37

        Muscle gain:  +23.77

        Fat % loss (online calculator):  -16.30

        BMI loss:  -7.66

        Clothing size:  Lost 4 sizes

    My goal for the next three to four weeks (my phase 4 for my yearly planning) is I guess what everyone says is active rest.  At the moment, I'm convinced my elliptical and those 1200 minutes of HIIT are evil!  I need a break.  So I will be biking (on my new comfort bike instead of my mountain bike), hiking, walking and jogging.  I will be keeping a similar diet to BFL with a tweak or two.  This weekend was all FREE 'Day', but I can't wait until tomorrow when I'm back to those smaller meals every two to three hours!

    And then, come July, Challenge two here I come.  I've got a lot more work to do on this body.

    Thanks for everyone's encouragement and I encourge you to keep on keepin' on.  Everyday makes a difference and as Robert Collier says, "Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out."

  • Amazing results Bonwitty!


    You finished a winner - at the end of 12 weeks. DONT IT FEEL GREAT! And you shrunk to boot! Plus added incredible strength - those numbers put it all into perspective dont they. What a huge transformation. BFL can be for life if we let it. Sounds to me like you have a strong will and a plan that will just continue to give you healthy results.

    I love happy endings.....WAY TO GO!

  • I DO feel great, very good.  I'm glad I kept track of the 'numbers' because as you said, it really does keep things in perspective.  If the scale didn't go down, then the inches did or I significantly increased strength and cardiovascular endurance.  I've learned so much through these last 12 weeks and the two months preceeding.  And I know, just as you have Legs that I will continue to learn, improve and transform - body, soul and mind.

    Thanks for all the effort you put in to this site encouraging and helping others.  Your imput is so helpful and I wish you the best in the current challenge (number 4?).

  • those are amazing results. Great job!

  • AWESOME progress, Bonwitty!!!  Just think of where you will be at the end of September with your 2nd challenge under your belt!!! Keep up the Amazing work! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • CONGRATULATIONS Bonwitty!!!  Impressive numbers and most importantly as you said you finished, you stuck it out despite all obstacles thrown your way.  WAY TO GO!!  I hope we get to see pictures, if not this one, maybe your next challenge.

  • Congratulations!!  You did a great job. Doesn't it feel great to know that you set out to accomplish a goal and with discipline and dedication you did it.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Excellent Job!  Very impressive.  Don't downplay your accomplishments by saying you didn't finish with "flying colors."  You did awesome!!  Be very proud.  You're an inspiration to ALL!

  • First of all, it sounds to me that your first run at BFL was a HUGE success! Second, how does one find out how many pounds of FAT was lost- versus # of overall pounds?

    Today is the day to NOT quit!!!! <3 EARGAL

  • Thanks to all!!!  And in memory, thanks to Mike Harris who was an inspiration throughout.

    I am so glad that I finished!!  It was a triumph for me since in years past I never got past three weeks.  I enjoyed my two mile walk this morning, it was a refreshing change.  But I am keeping the same 'structure' as BFL, like exercise first thing in the morning and waiting an hour to eat.  (I still have a lot of fat to loose.)  And also the small meals 5 to 6 times a day.  So that when I start my second challenge, my habits will still be in place.

    Eargal, I don't know if I figure out the scale weight loss vs. fat loss correctly.  What I do is find my body fat % and multiply that by my weight which gives me how many pounds of fat I have.  And then I find the difference from the last time I weighed/measured.  Example:

    200#'s x 44% body fat = 88 pounds fat

    If I've got that wrong everyone, please feel free to make the correction.  

  • Thanks, Bonwitty! I'll use that!

    Today is the day to NOT quit!!!! <3 EARGAL