Starting Day One Tomorrow.

  • Sorry I have been busy this week. but it has been going great. I decided to jump on the scale this morning. I am down a total of 7 lbs since the beginning. Day 12 and counting.


  • Today has been another weigh in and measurement day Day 14, the second rest day. I saw a little change this week in weight. I was 236.0 this morning, a few ounces heavier than the mid week, where I was 235.6. I think that was due to a lack of constant meal control, My wife the meal preparer, the one that makes sure I get my appropriate portion.

    SO let's see how that next week goes, I should get the phosphogen and CLA in the mail this week. I am excited to see how it works.

    More to follow.


  • This morning was a good upper workout, I will be lucky to be a ble to scratch my back tomorrow. Shoulders are still burning. Did my post workout protien shake (Myoplex French Vanillia unmixed). I still feel like I could eat my desk. Breakfast is still an hour away. I am still holding 235 after 1/2 of a large Dominos Pizza yesterday. Cheat days are great.

    Cardio tomorrow.


  • Started the EAS Phos this morning, suprising there is no loading phase. Also started the CLA at dinner last night. Decided to scale this morning post cardio on the old fashion slide scale. I have dropped 10 so far. woohooo!!!!

    I am only taking the CLA in half doses to make it last longer. 30 days a bottle instead of 15 days.  SO wee will see.  But eitherway I feel better, more energetic.

    Going to Gatlinburg TN this weekend. Thinking about taking the cycle and trainer for cardio on Saturday. Still undecided.


  • Well I am into week 5 and still going strong. So far I have lost 12 lbs and 6 % body fat taken by calipers. SO I am stoked. It all seems like routine now. Which is a good thing, the difference is I am still excited about the changes so the routine does not get boring.

    Today I got a shock. With the change of clothes that I bring in the AM for work, post workout, I found today that my belt is tooo big, I do not have enough holes. This is a good thing.

    For all those that are keeping score. I am still on the losing (winning) end. On my way to a 50ish lbs drop.


  • Great job! I'm in week five now also and loving it. i haven't weighed myself I don't want to get disappointed.