Starting Day One Tomorrow.

  • Hello all.

    I have decided to give the healthy thing another try. This time I have entered the June 30 Challenge. 6 Years ago I did the program and let me tell you that it works. And it works well. At the time I was a recovering soldier in the army, I had a major post op infection in my leg and could do nothing but heal, I had PIC lines in both arms and was on IV meds every 6 hours for 6 months.

    Thank God that the staph was conquered, and I was given the all clear to work out. You see I balloned to 257 standing 5'10" I felt completely out of shape for a soldier and Father of twin newbies. Oh yeah, my wife was on here Second post 9/11 deployment.

    Back to the first set of results. I went from a size 40 to a 36 and dropped 51 pounds in the 12 weeks. I am still kicking my self for not sending in the results and the essay, but I thought I had no chance.

    I am going for broke this time, I put back on 40 pounds since, but my goal is to lose that and another 10, I am shooting for a wieght under 200. So anyone that wants to track and add to this post feel free. Support is the only thing that keeps us motivated.

    Good luck to anyone else that is starting with me.



  • Well make that 5'11"


  • Hi! I started 2 weeks ago but am keen to keep in touch with as many people as I can, then at least we should alternate between being good and bad at different times and help eachother along! (I had my first cheat day yesterday and I know I was allowed but I still feel really naughty!)

    The number of people that fail is directly proportionate to the number of people that give up :)

  • MasterCD, I started today, 31 May, so let's keep in touch. How was your first day. I slept in, but squeezed the workout in tonight! Looking forward to the 20 minute aerobics tomorrow.

  • I just got through with breakfast,  Workout is not until 1430 eastern time (Ohio) not to far from Abbott (EAS) go figure. Did first set of measurements. I can stand to loose around 72 pounds of fat.

    Wil check in after the workout.



  • Day one workout in the books, Overall it was a good workout. Back routine was a little weak. I will need to push it up on Wednesday. Carido Tommorow AM before work.  woohoo!!!!


  • This mornings workout went well. Legs and abs!!!  I anticipate not being able to move tomorrow during recovery and cardio. But no pain no gain. (hypothetically of course.  Any other beginners let me know how you are doing, feeling etc....


  • MasterCD, Congratulations for making the decision to fight back and get healthier.  As you know from your previous challenge, this does work.  Lots of folks are here to help along the way.

  • MasterCD - I'm glad to hear you are well and ready to take the challenge again.  I too am a return BFL, I did not complete my first challenge but I did drop 50 lbs.  The program is great as long as you have the motivation to keep it going.  I'm on day 11 and I feel amazing... I thought I would be hating life by now but I actually feel good.  I'm sure motivation will become an issue as the challenge progresses.  Keep up the great work, stay safe.


  • Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am on day 4. The plan is a little skewed today, I have a sick one that is going to the doc this morning, so cardio will be this afternoon. However, I did jump on the scale this morning and found that I have dropped 4 lbs already. (238 with shorts and a tee), the 242 was bare. So it is working.  yippeeee!!!!!!!!


  • Day 5 and 6 were a breeze. I am looking forward to a cheat tomorrow,  More than one cup of coffee, and maybe a cinnamon roll for breakfast. But we have planned on cake and ice cream for dinner dessert. Any way uppers yesterday were invigorating and today I pedalled on the inddor trainer during a tornado warning so it got exciting to say the least.

    Tommorw being a cheat day there will not be a posting, not much to say. Well take that back. TOmoorw morning is way in 2 with tape measurements. I might post those.  LOL.


  • It is 0745 est. I was awaken to another thunderstorm, so I decided to get up and get my rest/cheat day started. I am weighing in on Sundays just to keep my self motivated (good or bad). As a forner BFLer I know that you should go by how thw clothes are fitting and such, but it is a life when you see the scale go from coughing when you step on it to actually giving numbers.  

    Today I totalled 237.4 lbs. This 5 lbs in the first week, Probably water, but it could be fat stores shedding too. I will know a little more after my wife and work out partner gets back from a CHEM 2 final.

    More to come...


  • Day 8:

    Today was the beginning of week 2, Lower workout went pretty good. I am already feeling the loss of 5 lbs in the midsection. It might be psychological but who cares.

    Just getting through the work day to go home and rest for the cardio session tomorrow.


  • Hey guy im nineteen and im 5'9 -5'10 and started at 270 and in the past month i dieted on my own withou BFL and i lost 22 pounds so far by myself and feel like im slowing down in weight loss per week.  And im wondering if i really can get down to 205 in twelve weeks by using BFL and im a very committed person so this commitment wont be hard?    

  • For James,

    You can continue to see improvements if you work the program. I would suggest that you read the book and get a feel for how this is a complete lifestyle change routine, not just  get back in shape plan. I can tell you that if you eat the right things in the correct way and incorporate the workout plan effectively, you can lose a ton of excess weight. Feel free to continue to utilize myself or any other BFLer for support. And congrats for taking the time to get yourself back in to healthy shape.

    I am now on day 9 of 84, cardio this morning was great. I pushed up another level and crossed 6.38 miles in 20 minutes, not to mention the sweat loss. Now time to replenish the water and rehydrate. (James this is key to success).  anyone can email me at the more support the better for all envolved.