I need help getting back on track!

  • I am in week 8 of my challenge, I havent lost alot of weight, but I've gained a ton of energy and a ton of muscle!  I was doing EXCELLENT on my BFL challenge until something happened during week 7 that probably would have even thrown Bill Philips into a tailspin.  Week 7, I was arrested on SUSPISCION of being under the influence of Crystal Meth (which is not true), and I had to spend over 10 hours in prison over something that I didnt do!  I remember going home from the sheriffs station crying harder than I have EVER cried before!  The whole week, I was so angry/traumatized/depressed, and I really tried hard to do Body for Life that week, but due to my depression, I lacked so much energy, and although I ate healthy during the day, my depression would lead to a late night binge!  And I have been trying so hard to get bqack on track, but yesterday, I exercised and hit all my 10's, but then ended up going on another binge!  And then today, I ate all 6 meal portions, but then missed my 20 min cardio!  I know that there's nothing anyone can do physically to help me, but just wish me luck and keep me in your prayers!  As for the arrest, I have condition known as "Aspergers Syndrome" which is considered to be the highest functioning form of Autism, and some of its symptoms can make someone appear under the influence, and I tried to tell the officer that, but she did not care.  My test results will prove me innocent, and I am going to give it my absolute best to finish this challenge as well as another 12 week challenge after to focus on getting my weight down. 

    I apologize if this post was offensive to anyone, but it was something I felt I needed to talk about, and you know, that just life.  Innocent people do get screwed over authority figures, and in this case, it happened to me!

  • woah.... that's one heck of a story! You can keep working hard and get right back on track... everyone has a setback or two every now and then (although yours is a doozie!) but here's what I can see from what you wrote: you are AWARE of the things you are doing, whether they are right or wrong (like working out or not eating healthy) so that's a very good thing. I am very sorry that you had to go through such a traumatic experience.

    Regarding your late night binges... are you staying up too late, or waking up to eat? If you are just staying up...maybe going to bed a little early and getting a good night's rest will be just what you need. But, if you are waking up to eat that might be a whole other issue.

    Please keep us posted!

  • TheMusicMan,  I'm glad that you came back here for some encouragement.  An emotional ordeal like yours can certainly make a person vulnerable to having old habits come back.

    Right now, decide to be back on track.  Yes what happened to you is horrible, focusing on next steps will be the key to overcoming the challenge.  Get your workout in today, eat clean today.  Tomorrow do the same.

    Build back your inner strength to get healthier and fitter.

  • Hey music man,  this was a rough week for you and I am very sorry to hear of your trials.  I think ( and this is only my opinion) that you felt very victimized (sp?) by this ordeal, as anyone would, and that has caused you to be a victim of your old bad habits.  I have found that, for myself, finding a solution for the problem at hand and implimenting that makes me  feel stronger and not float on whatever emotion is current.  I am wondering do you carry a card or some indicator that you have this syndrome so when an officer sees you and questions you about the way you are acting you can back it up with medical informiton?  I know i have to carry one when I go to the airport as I have a titanium implant in my head that will set of metal detectors.  The card states that I have the implant and allows me to prove why im setting off the metal detector.  I know that you will be vindicated once everything shakes out so that is the good news.  Taking responsibility for the effects of your syndrome may in the long run help you to take control and responsibility for all areas of your life.  I do understand that this might also seem unfair because you did not cause this in you but I think alot of this program is learning to take the hard knocks and deal with them in a positive manner, even when we are angry, depressed. lonely (in our mood), frustrated, weepy, whatever.......  I know that you know all these things but...you are my oldest sons age and the mother in me wanted to not only console but to remind you that you are not a victim unless you choose to be.  hang in there  jill

  • I really appreciate all of your feedback.  I had a Therapist write a letter for me to keep in my car which states my condition, hopefully that will help prevent another incident.  I am happy to say that I have ate healthy, and hit ALL my 10's working out for the past 2 days!  I have 3 1/2 weeks left of my challenge, which will be followed by another challenge, because sadly, I did not reach my goals with this challenge, and I am not going to stop until I do reach those goals and then some!  I am contemplating putting this story into my essay at the end of the challenge, because people need to know that there's NO excuse for stopping a challenge before your transformation begins....or after for that matter!

  • YEA!!!!!  great going music man---I for one am very proud. I hadnt seen you post for a bit and was afraid we had lost you.  Have a great challenge--I too have 3 1/2 wks left.  go go go    jill

  • Musicman keep plowing on.  You are doing a fantastic job picking up and moving forward.  Also don't be sad about not reaching your goals during your first challenge because it's already in your mind that you will do another. That's half the battle in itself.   It takes courage and you've got it!  

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