Back after 8 years!

  • In early 2002 I had been out of the Army for about a year and just let myself go. My brother turned me on to this book written by Bill Phillips called Body for Life. I really can't remember that far back, but I do remember I started my first and only challenge at 320lbs and when the twelve weeks was up I weighed 238lbs. I was impressed with the program and a total weight loss of 82lbs proved that this program worked. After hitting my goal I re-enlisted in the Infantry and went to Iraq in January of 2003. After 3 tours my luck ran out and my vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device. I sustained a brain injury, broken bones and some lacerations. The injuries I sustained resulted in my medical retirement from the Army. Being laid up in the hospital for a good while and lack of physical activity thereafter took its toll. So, here I am again, it's 2010 and I'm 380lbs and broken.....staring into the abyss once again and ready to take another leap of faith. After getting the seal of approval from my physician I'm ready, now more than ever, to get it on. I don't see a lot of weight loss success stories. Would anyone care to share their experiences as far as weight loss? Share any motivating stories?

  • Welcome Back!!  

    I can not relate to your experience with the injuries and weight loss.  So I can't help you there.  However, I am into Day 24 of my second Challenge and no matter what my head tells me on the good and not so good days I always feel better physically, emotionally and mentally when I work the program.  Setting goals, (my goals) is so important.  At 50 years of age appreciate not competing with anyone but myself!  This BFL C2 is for me!!  And through that I am able to help others.

    I am sending you all the hope, courage and love to do what you need to do to do the next right thing to approach, face and cross your abyss.

    You can "Make a change and Make a difference" if you want!

    I did and I AM!!  

    I just finished a healthy salmon, salad and pita lunch!  I had a great UBWT this morning!

    Peace to you......


  • HI wounded warrior. I am so glad to see you here. you made the right start by posting and I am sure we will all be happy to follow along with you in your BFL Journey.

    Keep posting so we can see how you progress. You know how its done, you have been here before so lets get it started :)

  • First, thank you for your service and the sacrifices you made. You have been thru so much but it is so wonderful to have you back, and back in the program.

    I was in B4L as well about 8 years ago, for many reasons I let it all go, just gave up on myself and life. I am back again to start all over again 60 lbs heavier than when I started before (I am 316 lbs.). I am currently at C1W2D2 and super motivated, it just finally all clicked. The one thing I am doing is I am not beating myself up for what I was able to do before in the gym. I use my past success as motivation and not to beat myself up about (which is a challenge in itself from time to time).

    The first day I got on the eliptical trainer (the week before  officially started the program), I could hardly breath after 3 minutes at the lowest setting and I could not believe how much my ankles burned to the point I had to stop. Today I did 20 minutes with good strong deep breaths, no ankle burn, and I don't feel like I am going to pass out.

    You will be the weight loss success story and if the stars align just right, I hope to be one as well!

  • I'm returning myself after about 7 years.  I too had amazing results the first (and only) time I completed the challenge back in 2003.  I lost 55lbs of fat and gained 10lbs of muscle going from 250 down to 205 in 12 weeks so you and I both know first hand how well the program works.  I'm heavier now (just like you) than the first time I did the program... I'm back up to 265.  I know it works... it isn't "easy" but if you apply the principles in the BFL book and follow them religiously for 12 weeks you will see amazing results which is why I'm back (for life).  

  • See my profile also.  Sounds kind of familiar.


  • Figured I'd join the 2nd time around party.  I too just picked BFL back up for the 2nd time after 7 years.  The first time I didn't even finish the challenge.  After 8 weeks, I was so happy with my progress.  This time, I'm starting a lot higher up on the scale, but that's fine since I'm in for a lifelong haul this time around.

    Unfortunately, I have zero weight loss to report at this point.  However, I can say that on Day 3 of Week 4, this past Tuesday, I suddenly saw the a dramatic change.  It was like when pregnant bellies suddenly just "pop" overnight.  I still don't see scale weight loss, but there's most definitely a change happening.  My love handles are disappearing and my belly is flattening.  Hang in there!  it's not all about pounds!