I can't believe it's over - 12 week results

  • Yea ya know, we heard a lot of people talk about the major changes you start seeing somewhere between week 8 and week 12 and it's definitely true. It really does seem like the results speed up during that last stretch of the 12 weeks. If people who are discouraged could just hold on and keep going all the way to the end, they'd be so happy with the end results!

    Heather, do you feel a little lost this week too?? I know I do. haha! The rest time is nice, but I'm ready to HIT it again!!


  • Yes I do feel lost.  Last night I went and did the elliptical for 40 minutes.  Then I did some assisted chin up and push up.   Hey it's not lifting or HIIT! :)   I'm ready to go!  

  • Yea Heather!!!  You look great.  You have given me some good words of encouragement before, But your pics really boost my enthusiasm.  Congratulations...