To Moms- belly "pooch"?

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    Hello, Mommies!

    Okay, I I have seen a difference in most of my body, even in my upper abs, but the area around my belly button and hips just will not budge. It is so stubborn, and I work so hard!!

    I have always been an avid exerciser and healthy eater (albeit over eater with a monstrous sweet tooth); this area has been exactly the same since a few months after my baby girl was born- five (almost six) years ago! I'm 5'5", 144 lbs, so not technically overweight and I don't have a great amount of fat on my body (guess I should measure...) It's driving me so nuts! In fact, it is this spot more than any that drives me to try to "perfect" and "go beyond" the regimine.

    Any other moms feel this way? Any moms feel this way and get rid of the mom pooch? Suggestions?


    Thanks All,


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  • working on mine too... don't know, I have 4 girls and my youngest is 9...

  • OMG I am experiencing the same thing. there is this pooch that is so ugly... I am in the same boat as you, C1W9D7  I work hard and eat very clean yet this thing will not go away. I have lost a lot of body fat everywhere else, but the stomach area. I keep reading that the area we want to lose the most will be the last and to stop focusing on it, sounds like great advice but it is very hard to do because well... it's just there and sticks out .

    I posted this same question on the Transformation site and was accused of being anorexic, have fat eyes unrealstic goals of wanting flat abs, and possibly obsessing. I do not understand.  My children are older than yours but they were big to deliver for my small frame, I am 42 and I've heard that's what happens when you turn forty you get the 40 pooch. YUCK and YIKES.

    so my advice to you and me and all of the moms out there just keep on working on being healthy, sticking to the program, add extra cardio and add lower ab exercises like the scisors kicks.

    good luck and hang in there

  • What a crock of crap!  Yes it will go away.  It won't be perfect or pre-baby but mine went away.   I still have some loose skin that hangs but the fat pooch went away.   I have been told not to worry about the skin until a year after you reach your total goal as that is slow to rebound.   It wasn't until after week 10 that my belly pooch started to shrink.  Keep will happen!

  • Thank you , week 10 coming right up...

  • My youngest is 7 and I still have my pooch, although it has shrunk quite a bit since beginning my BFL journey before Christmas.

    Just stick to the plan and the results will eventually come! :-)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Also, your uterus actually grows while pregnant. So if you always have a "pooch," just remind yourselves that the uterus is a muscle and you have used it well!


    Step1 and BFL--talk about a challenge!

  • Ladies ~

    The mommy pooch is an awful nightmare. However, it does go away. There are no amount of situps that will make it improve faster. Abs are built in the kitchen.

    My secret....I walk as tall as I can, consciously, and I tighten my ab muscles ALL the times. You will be surprised at the difference your posture can make in your shape and the long term effect it can have.

    Stand tall soldier!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Hey Katie,  I wanted to just share my experience.  I did this challenge about 13 yrs ago (97' ?) i think.  I am a woman who has always (even before kids) carried a little kangaroo pouch and a little more weight than most.  I am stocky.  Anyway,  about the 9th maybe 10th week I looked down and that was gone, for the first time since I could remember.  It will go if that is what you want and your eating stays clean.  Hope that is helpful. the time I had done the challenge I had had 2 children.   Good luck!! I too have a little over 2 weeks left.  jill

  • This belly pooch is my main motivating factor for starting this challenge!  I have worked out and eaten well for over a year now.  I have transformed myself from being an overweight mother of 3, to a healthy mom.  But....this belly flab just tortures me.  I was always relatively slim without working at it, until after my kids.  I am tired of looking in the mirror and feeling disappointment.  I am really looking forward to seeing these results!

  • I have done BFL for going on five years and have been at my goal weight for some time, but my stomach has always been a stinker. I am have also been a childbirth instructor for over 20 years, and for sure, every woman is different as for a muscle tone coming back, and skin elasticity-much of the skin issue is genetic.

    Last year a read an article that was similar to what Renee is talking about-I REALLY started to focus on pulling my abs in towards my spine-not only when exercising, but ALL the time. This has made a significant difference in my abs! With every sit up move you do, pull that belly IN-and I truly do think you will start to see a difference.

    Just another note, as for hips and thighs, lunges and step ups were something that made a huge difference in those areas. They are a killer to do, but ya khow what, they WORK!

    All the best~


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