Guys - tanning and shaving for pics - your legs too?

  • I may trim up my chest a bit so you can see the definition better, but I refuse to shave my legs. Come on, we are men are we not? ;-)

    And as for tanning... I can't bring myself to go to a tanning booth. I live in Oregon and the sun STILL hasn't come out yet, so yeah... I guess I'll have to be the first hairy white champ. ;-)

  • Tomorrow is day 84 for me and picture day. I have a fairly hairy chest and legs and for my pics I am only shaving my chest which I have already done last week. Because I'm not on an "official challenge" I don't see the need to shave my legs but the upper body definition shows up much more when you are shaved.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • I remember Scott saying the same thing about his legs...there is a big connection with men and leg hair I guess. LOL. His pics are great. (Sco on ANYWAYS, Spittdogg, I have heard of men using womens foundation make-up and slathering that on for pics to get a bit of a darker skin-tone. Regardless, have fun and rock that body - you deserve it.

  • For my 'after' photos, I most definitely shaved my legs, arms, armpits, and tanned. When asked by one of my students on the track team I coach if I shaved my legs, I stated, "Darn right! I'm competing for $25,000! Would you shave your legs for $25,000?" "Yeah, guess I would," was the reply I got.

    Truth is, I took self-photos all during weeks 11 and 12 seeking out subtle changes. It wasn't until after I shaved the body hair did I start to see muscle separation in my chest, quads, calves, forearms, and inner/upper bicep when doing a double bicep pose. The tanning allowed more contrast to show.

    Personally, I'm not wound up about body hair. In fact, if it wasn't so much maintenance, I would continue to shave regularly. I remember reading somewhere that Bill Phillips said that once he started shaving his arms and legs, he couldn't imagine growing it back.

    Do what you think is best, but if all else is even and it comes down to deciding the contest between someone hairy and pale versus someone clean-shaven and tan, it's an easy pick....