OMGsh, Mom...You're Skinny!

  • DebMO, this is soooo cool. I'm sure I'm gonna have some stories, my kids love that I am doing this and they have monitored me every step of the way! I'm grateful, they keep me on track, I can't let them down!

    ....And ABS to go with those guns!!!! Man I hope I'm just like you on my C2!!!!!

    Tisha :-) “Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first!"

  • 3 cheers for MO's girls! And a GAGA cheer to you MO for showing them you can sweat like a pig and look like a fox at any age. Woop!

    Look out Jefferson City - HOT COACH only miles away!!

  • DebbieMO this is the first time I've seen this thread.  You posted it when I wasn't even able to lurk.  Congratulations!!!  You do look wonderful.  I have had the same type of experiences.  The most memorable was when I went up to my daughter's and I had forgotten my skirt that I needed.  I was trying to figure out what I could do in the short amount of time I had and I remembered some warm skirts I had bought my daughter.  They were size 4's and I was hoping I might fit into one of them, you know cut a little bigger.  She said sure and she got me to try on the black skirt (which was NOT cut a little bigger) because it went best with the shirt I was already supposed to wear.  I honestly don't know who was more thrilled me or her.  Every once in a while she would lean over and say "I can't believe you are wearing my clothes" with the biggest grin on her face.  It was a very good day.

  • You look fabulous!!!

    You inspire me!!!

    Thank You!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • Very touching story of you in the Dr office with your 16 year old! Heartwarming memories that will last forever!!!

    Live   Love   Lift!

    Dee :)

  • Debbie!

    Congrats that is awesome!

  • Debbie,

    Both of my girls were in their teens when I began BFL going on five years ago--they were such a support to me. I remember when McLaine gave me a hug in the kitchen and said, "Hey mom! I can put my arms clear around you!" (At my heaviest, I was almost exactly 100 lbs. heavier than I am today!)

    Let your kids be your motivation. You are being such a good example to them! My girls were so good...if I was working out and someone called for me, they knew to say that I was unavailable to talk-they knew how important my workouts were to me.

    I wish you the very best of luck as your pursue your Body for LIFE.

    Amy Sayers

    ~To be great is not to be higher than another, but to lift another higher.