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  • Forum Post: Restarted - weight issue question

    I completed a 12 week challenge back in 2001. Now I'm doing it again for myself, and after a week of eating BFL with clean food small portions and 5 to 6 "meals" I am up in weight, not down. About a 1lb, maybe more. I don't remember this happening before. Did anyone else gain their...
  • Forum Post: RE: Weight Gain??? Advice Needed, Please!

    You said that it's been 4 weeks...Are you PMS'ing right now? I had lost 6.4 lbs by week 4 and then in week 5, I gained 5lbs back (water weight and constipation), but then the scale went right back down and a little more once I finally had been on my period for a few days. Are you taking your...