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  • Forum Post: Missed 2 days

    I missed thursday and friday working out. Do I need to make those up or just keep moving forward? But I did eat healthy!
  • Forum Post: Frozen Shoulder?

    Does anyone have any remedies for frozen shoulder? I've tried ice, heat, ultrasound, physio, stretches and as my last resort I'm going for a cortisone shot tomorrow. It hasn't stopped me from working out but has restricted my shoulder exercises to pushups and holding the plank position only...
  • Forum Post: Re: Direction Determines Destination - November 15th Group

    Hellooooo All, Yesterday was just too busy to get to the computer. And yeah, my phone's a dinosaur - you know, the one's that only make phone calls! So it looks like all of you are doing great and holding on. Excellent! Donald - I take it all back! I had no idea you had so much going...