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  • Forum Post: Day 4- Chchchchanges! And questions...Has anyone else experienced them?

    (1) So as I've rediscovered with minimeals (I used to do them years ago), is that I am barely able to finish them...I am staring at a half eaten lunch...and my second mini took me almost the 2 hours to eat. Before I was eating every every 5 or so that was terribly low in nutrition and...
  • Forum Post: This week's focus goals

    This week I have three goals for each day. 1. No added salt to anything I eat. 2. Get my workouts in every day (duh, but some days it's hard for me) and 3. Drink at least 2 32oz water bottles per day. That's a half gallon, I am trying to work up to more, but with only a port-o-potty to share...