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    Hi, I'm looking to start my first challenge (preparing at the moment) and have a few supplement questions. I'm very skinny, and looking to add as much mass / muscle as I can. If I follow the book's recommended products, it comes out to almost $200 of supplements that will last roughly...
  • Forum Post: Losing weight instead of putting on muscle?? Advise please

    Hi everyone, I have been on the body for life for two weeks now... my stats are as follows... When i started - Weight - 158 pounds Height - 5 foot 10 inches Fat % - 18.2 Muscle % - 50.2 Two weeks in I am Weight - 150.6 pounds Fat % - 16 Muscle % - 51.2 As i am a fairly...
  • Forum Post: Do I need to take Betagen??

    I did this program along time before I had kids and had great success with it. I am trying to remember all that I did and I see these kits with shakes and bars and Betagen. Do I need to take Betagen or is this for guys only??? I know women have different needs than men when it comes to muscle building...
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