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  • Forum Post: Started July 19th 2010 and need advice

    I'm officially on week 2 and need advice to stay on track and make the best of this challenge. - Where do I upload my pics in order to show my progress. - What are the best supplements to take, I'm currently using the myoplex lite powder only after workouts. - Is it OK to drink alcohol...
  • Forum Post: Question about products

    Hi guys! I'm brand new to this Challenge and have a question about products. I need and want to loose body fat, weight and I want a fantastic, defined body. I know I have one under all this mess hiding it... Anyways, which products should I be taking? I'm confused and don't understand what...
  • Forum Post: Concerns on weight loss & supplements

    My wife and i just started bfl four weeks ago, I am 40 and i weighed 186 lbs. when we started and now weigh 173. My goal is to lose some weight & gain muscle. I am worried that i am losing too much weight, i tend to lose 3 to 3 and a half pounds a week...does this mean that i am also losing muscle...
  • Forum Post: Do I need to take Betagen??

    I did this program along time before I had kids and had great success with it. I am trying to remember all that I did and I see these kits with shakes and bars and Betagen. Do I need to take Betagen or is this for guys only??? I know women have different needs than men when it comes to muscle building...
  • Forum Post: New to this and NEED HELP!!!