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  • Forum Post: Recipe matcher for newbie Please Help!

    I am just starting BFL today, and I am already the Recipe Matcher website ( program that looks at the food you have in your kitchen and helps you search for recipes that use what you have. It would REALLY help me if folks could post some of their favorite...
  • Forum Post: Re: Calories??

    ok thanks, Here is my day Breakfast - slimfast and orange = 225 Cal 9gFat 15 Carbs 20 Protien Snack 1- Chicken *** and yogurt= 220 Cal2.5Fat 20 Carbs 28 Protien Lunch- Eas shake (myoplex lite) orange and broccoli= 279Cal 2.5 Fat 29Carbs 25Protien Snack 2- Tuna and a apple= 224Cal 2.5Fat...