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  • Forum Post: cravings

    Ok, I know that I've read the book, probably to quickly so my hubby is reading it now. I have three more questions. 1. why no fruit? 2. when will I eventually stop craving chocolate? 3. I'm not signed up for the challenge and really can't afford the myoplex. can anyone recomend something...
  • Forum Post: Myoplex Bars and Drinks

    Fairly new to the challenge...well new as of today:) In that I started the challenge today...I have done my research but the one thing I couldn't confirm was are the Myoplex bars and drinks considered a carb and protein or do I need to supplment them with something more to round out one of my six...
  • Forum Post: Juice Plus-Shake?

    Hi! Does anyone know if JUICE PLUS (all natural blend of non-dairy dried fruits and veggie powder) can be used in place of a protein shake? It is recommend to be used as meal replacement and/or post-workout recovery shake.......I have a whole (expensive) container left and wanted to make a smoothie for...
  • Forum Post: Question about products

    Hi guys! I'm brand new to this Challenge and have a question about products. I need and want to loose body fat, weight and I want a fantastic, defined body. I know I have one under all this mess hiding it... Anyways, which products should I be taking? I'm confused and don't understand what...
  • Forum Post: What's the best product to buy?