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  • Forum Post: Calories??

    Hi, I am on day 3 and have done the BFL before (about 6 years ago) Got great results...lost 75pounds and kept it off UNTIL I had my son. I gain back 50 of those pounds and am starting again. My question is I know you don't need to count calories but it just a habit. I am worried I am not getting...
  • Forum Post: Re: Calories??

    ok thanks, Here is my day Breakfast - slimfast and orange = 225 Cal 9gFat 15 Carbs 20 Protien Snack 1- Chicken *** and yogurt= 220 Cal2.5Fat 20 Carbs 28 Protien Lunch- Eas shake (myoplex lite) orange and broccoli= 279Cal 2.5 Fat 29Carbs 25Protien Snack 2- Tuna and a apple= 224Cal 2.5Fat...