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  • Forum Post: Are there other people that's taking a long time to get used to BFL???

    I was looking for some support from those who are/were having a hard time getting started with BFL. I am not much of an exerciser so planning exercises are difficult for me. Also I have no clue about weight lifting, so I have only been the 20 minute cardio portion. The first few weeks I started off slow...
  • Forum Post: Do I need to take Betagen??

    I did this program along time before I had kids and had great success with it. I am trying to remember all that I did and I see these kits with shakes and bars and Betagen. Do I need to take Betagen or is this for guys only??? I know women have different needs than men when it comes to muscle building...
  • Forum Post: I need a mentor to help me throught this journey

    would someone please be my mentor and accoutablty partner. i feel it would benfit me greatly and would love to make a friend. phone, text or email. please help me
  • Forum Post: Starting 9 March 2012... you in?

    HI! I'm Holly and I'm RE-starting this challenge. I started earlier in the year but fell off the wagon... I'm now jumping back on and I'd love to have people join me! I'm a mom of 3, married, work full time, 41 years old and have about 100 lbs to lose... YIKES! I am trying to...
  • Forum Post: Started Today ( Need a new friend to keep me on track)

    Hey i just started BFL today i could use a new friend to keep me on track and keep me accountable. be really great. thanks
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  • Forum Post: Female and Over 50 looking for a partner or group

    I am a 54 year old female 9th grade English teacher from Summerville, SC and I am once again trying to complete the BFL challenge. I am in dire need of a partner or a group to join. I have always been my own motivation but I am finding that as my life has changed and I am faced with other challenges...
  • Forum Post: Starting a Body for Life Challenge in November...Will I be able to enter a 2013 Challenge?

    Hi there! Getting prepared to start my first Body for Life Challenge, but realized I won't be able to finish in time for 2012. I don't want this to stop me, however! Does anyone know if I can do it and submit it for the first 2013 challenge? Thanks! Inkymama
  • Forum Post: I have better results because I do this...

    Whether you are on day one or half way through your challenge, it is never too late to start a success journal!!! I made a video to show you how I made my workbook and why its so important. Sorry the video isn't cooler. I shot it myself and just wanted to get it out there for you guys. I'm not...
  • Forum Post: THIS IS THE DAY!!!!!

    I'm STARTING just had my glass of cold water ugh! I need some support from you lot!! Am really excited about doing this such an amazing program
  • Forum Post: Too Big??

    I am about to start the program. I wanted to start for the June 10th, but kept getting called into work and "never found the time". I'm sure it was my way of putting off something I was too scared to start. I read the book and did the program with my brother YEARS ago, when I was too young...
  • Forum Post: Very important: Before you hit the gym

    Most of us are coming from sedentary lifestyles. To some of us, we are not really aware of the toll it has taken on the INSIDE of our bodies. From experience, and seeing fellow BFLers on here and in the gym over the years, many drop out of the program due to three major issues: 1- Injury : Elaborate...
  • Forum Post: Iphone Application

    Does anyone know if there's an application which helps you record your exercises and food While at the gym? Does EAS have one in the BFL layout? It would be great if you could help