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  • Forum Post: Starting on the 14th of February ---- care to join? --- Questions for a beginner.

    Well well well, After owning the book for about 10 years, reading it about 4 times and not really believing it to its word, I am thinking, what the hell and I´ve made the decision to start the program for real now. I have tried before, but never made it past week 2, my self discipline is awful...
  • Forum Post: Please Help!!!Weight training

    I did my first LBWO on Monday, and I really think I may have started lifting too much weight. I have been extremely sore, to the point where I can't sit down and my muscles spase every now and then, and Im still walking with a limp; but it feels good in a weird way LOL As a newbie to exercise, how...
  • Forum Post: A few questions

    I have a few clarification questions if you y'all can help me please??? - Mushrooms are considered a veggie right? What about tomatoes? - Is there a limit to veggie intake in a day/meal? - Sometimes there is someone on the machine that I need -- is there a right or wrong order to muscle...
  • Forum Post: Kicking Off 2011 WIth A Bang!!! Anyone Coming Along?!?!?

    Oaky, by January 3rd it'll be time for C3 on my end & I need a team to motivate and be motivated by! Let's make 2011 the year we regain control! Kicking off a challenge Monday January 3rd, wrapping it up Sunday March 27th. Any takers?!?!?
  • Forum Post: Re: Starting May 30th - Lets do this together - " Gettin Better All The Time" - Join this group!

    Hi there Shelly and all, I'm Marco, I'm 30 yo from kickass but more often than not, cold Chicago! Have owned the BFL books for a good 6 years, have known of Muscle Media/Bill Phillips since 1999 and have had a gym membership since then. Never have started BFL, and rarely frequented the gym...
  • Forum Post: Q2 Crew, Starting Sunday April 3rd!!! Ready To Rock?!?!?

    Okay, come April 3rd it'll be time for my 4 th challenge & I need a beast of a team to motivate & be motivated by! I’m just wrapping up my 3 rd challenge with an awesome team from “Kicking off 2011 With A Bang” gang & several of them are committed to rocking on!!! ...