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  • Forum Post: Say It: "I Choose Life"

    My husband came up with this idea. Everytime I feel like reaching for food that isn't healthy or don't feel like working out, I have two choices: early death or LIFE! His idea: Simply say outloud (or in your head if others are around): "I CHOOSE LIFE!!" When you look at it that way...
  • Forum Post: Sep 27 Crew: Our Transformation

    Okay, I'm beginning the challege Sep 27, finishing Dec 17th!! I'm a new mom. My little guy was born May 20, 2010. I tried to start the challenge on July 5th. It ended up being a bit too soon for me. I have been doing a ladies bootcamp program since then. Good results, but now I'm ready...
  • Forum Post: Just Starting...are you?

    Anyone just starting Body for Life in the new year (2012)? I'd love to bounce ideas off each other! :)
  • Forum Post: Female and Over 50 looking for a partner or group

    I am a 54 year old female 9th grade English teacher from Summerville, SC and I am once again trying to complete the BFL challenge. I am in dire need of a partner or a group to join. I have always been my own motivation but I am finding that as my life has changed and I am faced with other challenges...