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  • Forum Post: Started 10/10/11

    Anybody else starting that date? Let's team up! Keep each other accountable!
  • Forum Post: October Beginners

    Hi. I've decided to start up a discussion for everyone who is beginning a challenge in October. I am officially starting my second challenge on Monday 17 Oct 2011. I completed my first challenge just before last summer and had managed to completely transform my body. I was strong, lean, healthy and...
  • Forum Post: Anybody starting Sept 26, 2011? If so, mount up.

    My husband and I are starting BfL next Monday (09/26/11)-- anybody else in? We're in the Seattle area and used to be pretty fit (he's athletic, I'm stubborn), but life and health issues got in our way. But no more! I am so tired of having only one darn pair of jeans-- I'm serious. I refuse...
  • Forum Post: Looking for a Partner in Brooklyn, NY

    Good Morning, BFLers. This is my second time doing this challenge. I have been very successful. I am a realist. Partnering has been my greatest success. So before I start, I would like to find a partner for this challenge. I am a female in the age group of 29-39. Good Luck all Mone
  • Forum Post: Questions about the Diet

    Hi Everyone. I just started the BFL challenge on Monday and I have a few questions about the food. 1. Can I snack on veggies whenever throughout the day? The first couple of days it has been hard to not think about snacking or eating something every few minutes. Are veggies ok to have just whenever...
  • Forum Post: Question for the women out there

    Hi Ladies, I am curious about any particular challenges you face during "that time of the month" while following the body for life plan. Do you find yourself more tired? Or lose less/stay the same/gain weight during those weeks as opposed to the others? My first time giving this challenge...
  • Forum Post: End week 2 changes?

    Hello! I am at the end of my week 2. I think Im actually starting to kinda look different but it is likely in my head! Most important though...I am getting that "fit feeling" I am feeling more clarity in all aspects of my life and better energy! Any tips for week 3? Thanks! Updated pictures...
  • Forum Post: Cardio N weights?!

    So I just finished reading the BFL 12 week program and I'm so pump to get started but I have a question before I start. I work at night from 5:30 to 3am usually I go to sleep around 5am everyday. I've been going to the gym on my days off Sun. Mon. And Wed. Ive been doing 20 min. Of stairmaster...
  • Forum Post: Just Starting...are you?

    Anyone just starting Body for Life in the new year (2012)? I'd love to bounce ideas off each other! :)
  • Forum Post: New to BFL...Suggestions Please.

  • Forum Post: Female and Over 50 looking for a partner or group

    I am a 54 year old female 9th grade English teacher from Summerville, SC and I am once again trying to complete the BFL challenge. I am in dire need of a partner or a group to join. I have always been my own motivation but I am finding that as my life has changed and I am faced with other challenges...