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    ok thanks, Here is my day Breakfast - slimfast and orange = 225 Cal 9gFat 15 Carbs 20 Protien Snack 1- Chicken *** and yogurt= 220 Cal2.5Fat 20 Carbs 28 Protien Lunch- Eas shake (myoplex lite) orange and broccoli= 279Cal 2.5 Fat 29Carbs 25Protien Snack 2- Tuna and a apple= 224Cal 2.5Fat...
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    I have been gone much to long!!!!! I have gotten back into the saddle and started my final Body for Life Challenge on 03/12/2012. I found it amazing that in just a couple of days of fueling my body with good clean food and drinking plenty of water how much better I already feel!!! I am looking forward...