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    I was just trying to be sure that I take the right pictures. Does anyone know if I just need a front and back picture?
  • Forum Post: To weigh or not to weigh?

    I started BFL for the first time 1/10/2012. I have been doing quite well with everything so far. As I am getting closer to the 1-week mark, I am begining to wonder how often I should weigh myself. I know that it is best to weigh in only once a week, but I am afraid that if I do not see any results that...
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  • Forum Post: Hi! I'm Donna, looking for some buddies who started the challenge today on 2/6/2012

  • Forum Post: Do I need to take Betagen??

    I did this program along time before I had kids and had great success with it. I am trying to remember all that I did and I see these kits with shakes and bars and Betagen. Do I need to take Betagen or is this for guys only??? I know women have different needs than men when it comes to muscle building...
  • Forum Post: I need a mentor to help me throught this journey

    would someone please be my mentor and accoutablty partner. i feel it would benfit me greatly and would love to make a friend. phone, text or email. please help me
  • Forum Post: Back in the SADDLE AGAIN!!!!

    I have been gone much to long!!!!! I have gotten back into the saddle and started my final Body for Life Challenge on 03/12/2012. I found it amazing that in just a couple of days of fueling my body with good clean food and drinking plenty of water how much better I already feel!!! I am looking forward...
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  • Forum Post: Female and Over 50 looking for a partner or group

    I am a 54 year old female 9th grade English teacher from Summerville, SC and I am once again trying to complete the BFL challenge. I am in dire need of a partner or a group to join. I have always been my own motivation but I am finding that as my life has changed and I am faced with other challenges...
  • Forum Post: Iphone Application

    Does anyone know if there's an application which helps you record your exercises and food While at the gym? Does EAS have one in the BFL layout? It would be great if you could help