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  • Forum Post: Day One! Anyone Else a Femal Endomorph?

    I've decided to give this a shot, as I am already working in a gym 5+ times a week, and needed to do something to get results. I started with dcardio this am on eliptical, and am so psyched that i accomplished 20 min of intensity interval training! That's the longest I've ever done on eliptical...
  • Forum Post: Startig Oct 18th, 2010 Care to Join Me

    Hello....My name is Brian. This will be my first attempt at BFL. I'm looking for anyone else who is starting or has started about this time. It's past time to get a move on things. This is about more than 12 weeks to me. I've been healthy before and I know I'll be healthy again, what...
  • Forum Post: First day on the Body For Life Challenge.. Looking for a support system!

    I am a 35 year old woman who has struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember..I often eat alot of carbs and sweets which I will have to cut out (Im sure Im going to have withdrawals :) I am so ready to do this and live a life of good health instead of the weight induced problems now...If anyone...