Oh no, not my precious coffee!

  • I am nearing the end of week three....and I have noticed that my desire for coffee in the morning has drastically decreased! I usually make a thermos and drink it in about 30-45 minutes, but now I am struggling to get through it in over 2 hours! Some days I just take the rest home and dump it out. This is a good thing, I know LOL, but has this happened to anyone else??

  • I use to drink coffee in the morning but typically just one cup on the way to work.  But I like alot of sweetner and creamer so basically I have just give it up.  I just drink water instead, hard enough to get all that water in so minds well get started first think in the AM.

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  • Yep it has happened to me.  I still make myself a cup to drink on the way to work but I take a few sips and just don't "need" it like i used to.  One the weekends it'll be afternoon and I'll realize I never got a cup of coffee.  

  • Me too not sure why though and I am a person who easily drinks a pot over the course of a day.   I was wondering the same thing.  :)

  • Im at the end of Week 2, and I've noticed that as well.  It wasn't a conscious choice I made, it just happened.  I noticed that when I wake, my body wants water, not a strong diuretic like coffee.  It's like my body made the switch for me.  

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  • Ironically I'm a die hard coffee drinker.  Our company changed coffee brands and now the scent of the new coffee burns my nostrils and I have no desire for that particular coffee.  I enjoy my coffee much more on the weekends now.

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