Cardio Question!

  • Hi everyone, 

    I just started Body for Life 3 days ago. My problem is that I love to do spinning and bootcamp classes during the week, and I was wondering if we are allowed to do another aerobic exercise apart from the 20 minutes?? This week I have only followed the program, but I must confess that I miss my gym classes. 

    Please Help!!!

    Thank you :)

  • If you want to do it with your HIIT, I think that's fabulous. I see people in the forum getting upset about tweaking the program, but I say, as long as you aren't burning yourself out or going extreme with it, go for it! I do all kinds of extras with my workouts, because I love it!

    Just my two cents...


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  • Thank you Katiebug!!! I think that I am going to do just that!! :)

  • Here's the deal on extra cardio.  You WILL find yourself getting extremely fatigued around weeks 9-12.  As long as you are mentally prepared to push yourself through the fatigue you will be fine.  

    If you start skipping workouts because you are tired or you start getting random sickness i.e. unexplaned colds or stomach bugs or having emotional extremes i.e really grouchy and snapping or crying you'll know it's that you are over doing it and need to cut back.  

    There is no way to "pre-prepare" for that.  It will hit you unexpectedly.  

    Also keep in mind that you may find yourself hungrier than usual because BFL nutrition is set for the workouts in the book.  

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