Pregnancy and BFL

  • Hello, and thank you in advance to anyone with some pertinent advice!  I am currently six months pregnant with my second child, just got done looking at some pictures and realized I need to start SOME type of fitness routine.  I have convinced myself to go all out after the baby with BFL, but wanted to know if there were any women who had done the 12 week challenge (of course not looking to lose a substantial amount of weight) but who just wanted to tone up?  Any advice would be wonderful! Thanks!

  • Congratulations! First and foremost discuss this with your OBGYN. I'm sure some exercises are off limits but what better way to get your body in shape for the birth event than exercise.... and have a jump start on post birth fitness!  BFL meals shouldn't be an issue either. Your babies are lucky to have a mom that wants to take care of herself. You can be certain that putting youself at the top of the list allows you to take better care of those around you! Wish you the best.