To late?

  • is it to late to start the challenge?

  • it's never too late to start!  as far as the official entry, i'm not sure.  i bet someone else can answer that.

  • stiles-you can start anytime you want; if you want to officially enter the challenge though, you will need to download the rules/guidelines from this site. I believe they are on the home page.

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Here's the link that lists the official dates if you're wanting to enter:

    Otherwise, start whenever you'd like.   Good luck!! :)


  • I think they do 4 challenges per year, right? So there should be 2 deadlines left.

    Go get 'em stiles!!

  • September 3 2010 is the last day to start a challenge and finish it in time to be officially judged as a valid entry. The "rounds" are not separate challenges at all, but just are a way of spreading out the entries in the event that Abbott might choose to award people during the year for outstanding work. There is only one set of final winners and they are usually announced in January or February.