Question about the actual workout (weight) regimen

  • OK, I did body for life many years ago after my twins were born and saw incredible results...I'm a litlte brain dead and have a question:  I recognize the musle groups only get worked once/week or twice/week depending on upper vs lower workout.  Where do bi's/tri's fit in? I've been on a rotation of a workout for years so I mixed lower w/bi's and tri's every few days, thereby working them out at least if not twice per week.  Does it sound right that there's not a day for them and if not, please someone send me your sample workout for 2 weeks reflecting Bill's schedule upper vs. lower.  Thank you so much!!!!

  • Bi's and Tri's go with upper body.  Each muscle group gets a 12-10-8-6-12 set of one exercise with an additional 12 of another exercise.  My upper body days look like this:  Chest (Flys, Benchpress), Shoulders (lateral raises and upright rows), Back (bent over rows and row lever machine), Triceps (kickbacks and dips), and Biceps (curls and hammer curls).

  • so flys 12,10,8,6,12 and then just 12 of benchpress then on to next group, right?  The object is to keep the workout short...if the above is inaccurate will you pretty please reply with "exactly" what this workout looks like? I think my ADHD is hampering me from understanding it.  I'll then be able to incorproate into other days. So on days you have upper body, do you repeat these exercises above (twice every other week) or break all of that into the 2 days that are upper body for the week?

  • I do them all both days.  Yes, flys for 12 reps, rest one minute, then 10 reps, and so on with increasing weight (I left that part out before, sorry) then less weight on the last set.  So here's what yesterday's workout looked like for me:  


    Flys: 12 reps with 10lbs, 10 with 12lbs, 8 with 15lbs, 6 with 20lbs, 12 with 15lbs

    Dumbell Benchpress: 12 reps with 12lbs


    Upright Row: 12 with 5lbs, 10with 8lbs, 8 with 10lbs, 6 with 12lbs, 12 with 10lbs

    Lateral Raise: 12 with 10lbs


    Bent Over Row: 12 with 10lbs, 10 with 12 lbs, 8 with 15lbs, 6 with 20lbs, 12 with 15lbs

    Row Machine: 12 with 50lbs


    Kickbacks: 12 with 8lbs, 10 with 10lbs, 8 with 12lbs, 6 with 15lbs, 12 with 12lbs

    Dips: 12 (bodyweight)


    Curls: 12 with 5lbs, 10 with 8lbs, 8 with 10lbs, 6 with 12lbs, 12 with 10lbs

    Hammer Curls: 12 with 10lbs

  • you are a dream, thank you!! OK, so on alternate weeks our upper body gets worked twice and then lower body gets worked twice the next?  I get it now...would LOVE to see the rest of your workout for lower body....Yours above has some great ideas.

  • Yes, one week upper body gets done twice and the next week lower body gets it, with cardio days in between.  I get my exercises from, they have a GREAT library of options.  I get bored, and so do my muscles, so I like to change things at least once a month or so.  Here's my lower body workout:


    Quad Extensions: 12 with 55lbs, 10 with 60, 8 with 65, 6 with 70, 12 with 65

    Smith Machine Squats: 12 with 30


    Hamstring Curls (machine): 12 with 55, 10 with 60, 8 with 65, 6 with 70, 12 with 65

    Smith Machine Lunges: 12 with 30


    Calf Raises: 12 on both feet, 10 on one foot, 8 with 5lbs, 6 with 10lbs, 12 with 5lbs

    Calf Rotations (plate machine): 12 with 70lbs


    Pike Machine: 12 with 65lbs, 10 with 70ls, 8 with 75lbs, 6 with 80lbs, 12 with 75lbs

    Leg Lifts: 12 (body weight)

    I add lower back hyper extensions with no weight for 12, 10, and 8 reps because I have a weak lower back.  I think technically that should be a back exercise on upper body day, but I have more time on lower body day so I do it with abs.  That's just a preference and is close to medically necessary for me or I'll throw my back out gardening.  :-)  This is my 3rd challenge, so I've had time to work out some of my personal bugs.

  • You can download and print an exercise guide here:

    It might help you to organize your workouts.  

  • I know this is 2 years after the post but the sample plan help clarify how to do weight lifting properly.