mike harris confusion

  • Here is a before and after pic of Mike Harris coming 2nd in Lee Labradas Lean Body challenge but I thought Mike has a contract with Eas and use their supplements



  • I don't believe he has a contract with anyone. Mike Harris does 1 official challenge every year. He is no longer able to officially enter the BFL challenge. He is very committed to doing 1 "official" challenge every year. It keeps him motivated and consistently in shape. There are other BFL champions that have gone on to do other challenges.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Dear Six Pack, I had a one year contract with EAS/Abbott which has long since expired. I used and still use the Abbott products. They are excellent products and I now purchase them regularly. As a body for life champion I cannot enter the EAS contest again.

    I enter some type of a contest every year on an official basis to keep an edge as best I can, and that requires use of their products. I actually won the Labrada Nutrition contest long before  I became a body for life champion. But, the Labrada  challenge is a contest that can be entered again and again if you wish, so I entered it this year again. I used their supplements to enter that contest and I will of course receive a much larger amount of their supplements as a result of placing second this time.  Both EAS and Labrada are excellent companies and provide great nutrition and support for bodybuilders and other athletes.  You cannot go wrong with either one of the company products, and both stand by the claims they make as far as what the products will do.

    I have spent the better part of ten years now as a participant doing regular advice and support for this website, writing blogs, and advising people how to get a good transformation and on what supplementation works best for what situation.  It is natural because of my longstanding presence for some to think I worked for EAS I guess, but I don't. I hope this clears up your concerns.

  • Hi Mike

    Thanks for clearing up the confusion and I apologise if I tried to make it seem their was some deception on your part, it wasnt my intension although I have seen some past champions use their exact same before and after photos in different competitions.

    As was wondering if you could offer me some insight on how could eventually finish a challenge

    I ahave been trying to do BFL for about 10 years and im embarressed to say I havent ever completed a challenge.

    I am 287lbs and 39% bodyfat and its my dream to be 195lbs and 7% bodyfat but I have so far to go to achieve a goal like, it would probably take a year of back to back BFL challenges

    Some of the reasons I havent been successful are because

    1.I like my beer and wine too much but I know beer and wine drinking doesnt go hand in hand with getting into shape.

    2.I have a problem setting deadlines and if I mess up like miss a workout or eat a cheat meal the whole things is ruined I may as well start again.

    Alot of the problems have have with this are pyschological, so much so ive been thinking of even getting hypnosis to help me

    I would value your insight

  • Mike Harris is my hero.  I have no point other than that.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • You rock Mike!  Keep on motivating!

  • Sixpack, I have the same problem, I start but I never seem to finish.  This time I am trying using the BFL Journal in addition to just following the program, and that seems to be helping me really keep my focus.  Hope that helps.  You have it in you to do this.  A setback is just a setback, don't let it derail your whole challenge.  Put it past you and move forward.  You can DO this!


  • Hey Six Pack Mission, I didn't take any offense at all from your question...it was completely legitimate and I hope that I did clear up why it seemed as though I had jumped ship.

    On your situation about starting but never completing a challenge, here's what I would suggest:

    1. Make a promise to yourself and write it down in your journal and keep it that you won't drink ANY alcoholic beverages during the week and that you'll only drink a certain amount on free day.  Now, I am a recovering alcoholic, but I'm not in the business of identifying others as such, so I think this suggestion will help you in a couple of ways. First of all, it will help you to workout stronger, to build lean muscle and to stop storing fat. But, more importantly, it might help you to see whether your real problem is alcohol rather than just needing to lose some weight. If you find you cannot stay away from alcohol during the week, that should help you to see whether you need to work on that issue more than you need to worry about the weight right now.

    Another thing you should do is to invest heavily in your transformation at the outset by setting out specific goals, putting them down in writing, taking before photos, registering officially for the challenge, and clearing out all the trigger foods and junk foods out of your place before you start. Plan all your workouts and spend a lot of time getting ready. This often helps to avoid the "well, I missed a workout--I might as well start over" type of thinking. That mindset is so dangerous, because it sounds plausible but actually what it  really does is to keep you from ever finishing. Those who start over seldom ever finish a challenge.

    Good luck, man. You're not defeated until you give up!

  • Thanks for your advice Mike

    I would actually like to try and maybe give up alcohol for the actual 12 weeks although I have a batcheler parthy coming up at the end of june so maybe for that one day I wont be able to

    Considering my weight of 287llbs and 39% bodyfat what is the upper limit of achievement you have witnessed with some starting with my stats

    My long term goal is to get to 7% bodyfat  but I know that wont be achieveable within 12 weeks

    so I was thinking getting to 33% for my first challenge would be a good goal

    getting to 26% for my second challenge

    getting to 17% for my third challenge

    and go for the bulls eye of 7% for my 4th one

    Of course I may get there faster

  • My husband and I went to Mike's memorial service today...it was beautiful to hear so many people recognize the amazing man he was...giving of himself so freely.

    I had the awesome opportunity to do a BFL information workshop with him two years ago-I can't officially enter a BFL Challenge as my husband works for Abbott, makers of EAS, but MIke always inspired me to do it anyway-for the right reasons. His friendship and guidance over the last 4+ years will never be enough, but was enough to instill in me good healthy habits, of body, mind and spirit-for a lifetime.

    Amy Sayers

    ~To be great is not to be higher than another, but to lift another higher.