Has Anything Changed?

  • Howdy everyone.  I'm not new to BFL, but I am new to this forum.  I went through 12 weeks of BFL in the past and successfully became pretty decently fit and fairly lean.  Since then, however, I've started a new more sedentary job that requires me to sit at a desk all day long.  Due to that, I've allowed myself to get out of the fitness and eating-right mode.  I feel terrible, I've had to buy 2 or 3 new larger pant sizes, and I am not happy with the way I look.  Worst of all, I just have no energy any more when I used to have lots.  My life is now much busier with a stay-at-home wife, 2 year-old, and baby #2 due next month (June).  This go-around (if I truly can manage to get it kicked off...which is the hard part) will be much tougher to get through due to these reasons. 

    My main question right nowHas the BFL program of about 5 years ago changed in any way?  Are the foods, exercise sets and reps, and "6 days on, 1 day off" all still the same?  Has Phillips written a second edition or changed anything regarding the original program in the original book?  From what I can tell so far, the whole thing is still the same.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    In the next week or two, I'll be preparing to probably give this a full GO and will probably kick off around June 1st. 

    Glad to see so many are doing so well on this program!

    Looking forward to talking with all of you!

    (I posted this in the Newbies thread as well, but thought I may get more answers to my question by posting as a topic.)

  • Most of it has remained the same.  The workout schedule has not been changed.

    What you will see the most change around is the "authorized" food list.  When the Eating for Life book was published, many took the inclusion of some items to be OK for a new BFL challenger.  Eating for Life recipes seen to be geared more towards maintenance rather than more aggressive weight loss.

    If you have the original book and use the authorized food list from that you should do fine.

    My best wishes for health, happiness and discipline to you.

  • Thanks JamesK.  I have both the Body for Life book and the Eating for Life book.  The Eating for Life book was published and released after I completed my first BFL program (12 weeks).  When we saw the food and ingredients being used in it, my wife and I were like "HUH?"  The foods in it are not near as strict as the ones in the original BFL book.  I never officially read the book, but wife began using many of the recipes in it since it was by Bill Phillips and seemed to have been advocated as BFL foods.  I merely maintained what I had achieved while eating those recipes, so I think you are very right about the original recipes in the original BFL book being more geared toward weight reduction.  Sounds like I need to stick with the authorized food list in the original book for a good while until I get to the weight that I want to be at....only then will I even think of trying some of the recipes in Eating for Life (as maintenance - or maybe once or twice a week - but ONLY after I reach my goal weight).  Thanks for your help and let me know if you have any other advise/input.