List Of Commitment - Debs Roll Call


    Do you think you will do a third challenge?  Just curious.  I need a few to get to my goal weight, but from what I have read on the GB/forum, C2 is harder with the food aspect.  I wonder why that is?  You would think that after 12 weeks (C1) we would have the food down pat.  I guess I will see soon enough!  I am starting week 11 of C1 today. 

    Well, congratulations!  Good job. 

    Julie (in Virginia) C1W11D71

  • Hi Julie-

    Yes I I said the food was the real issue and I "cheated" too much.  I disappointed myself on that aspect...but I give my self a
    "well done" on the exercise part.  It's such a growing experience and I'm not where I want to be mentally or physically.  Maybe the 3rd challenge will give me the insight? for lack of a better word why I self sabotage myself with my mindless eating and poor food choices.

    I wish I could be one of the "champs" who get it all together and do it right the first time...but for me it's the journey and I'm in it for life.  Best of luck for a strong finish.  I'm 46 and this has been a life long struggle for me...making good food choices.

  • welcome to all the new challengers out there!!!

  • I finished, not with a bang but a whimper.  I'm down a solid 15 pounds - haven't measured yet as Tuesdays are my measuring day.  Had to stop lifting during the last week due to pain issues. Stopping hasn't seemed to resolve them so will try a steroid injection before starting C2. I am discovering that I have a lot of mental work to do before then  - and I leant out my  book to a friend at church - hope to get it back on Easter. . . .  Thanks for all of the support.  I'm on AR - woo hoo!

  • I am not sure where to commit, I feel so off track from everyone else. I am in the middle of week 7 (i think) and expect to finish right around May 5. but I am commited to be the being the "off-track-from-everyone-else-guy" :-) Had a killer workout today and started encorperating swimming in for my cardio. Feels great to swim and stretch out my back and shoulders. Plus I get to wear a speedo which is good for me but no one else in the pool. Off to bed talk to all you swell cyber peeps in the morning.

  • April, I noticed my facial skin is alot clearer now.  I think all the sweating and water have helped keep my pores clear.

  • Hanzelka,

    Sounds like you might not be tracking your food and exercise consistently on paper.  A great way to stay on track is by monitoring your progress.  As you've done this before, you probably know how great it can be to see the documentation of your hard efforts.  It only takes a minute and is a positive reinforcer of your behaviors.  Congrats on your "killer workout."

  • Hi Debs - I started my challenge yesterday 3/29/10 but I have no clue which challenge it is.  let's just make it challenge 2.  :)

  • Hi James, I am tracking them I actually created a great spreadsheet for tracking progress which includes all the BFL checklists as well as a daily accountability checklist and journal. I am just not sure if week1 is the first day you started or first week you completed. Lets just say I am on day 49. I am also trying to not stay to focused on the weeks as I am hoping at the end of this challenge I keep going with this a permanent lifestyle. What are people referring to when they say there are "going on AR" after their challenge?"

  • Gotcha, great job then.  AR or Active Rest refers to the time between challenges.  A chance for your body and mind to recharge, for you to reset goals and to enjoy the fruit of you labor.  Many people relax on the food and exercise during this time, but still stay focused on eating well overall and getting some exercise.

  • I started the challenge about 5 weeks ago.... but then got sick and crazy for 2 weeks. I called it "recuperating" LOL. So I started challenge 1 again.

    Week C1, W2, D2

    Stacy Lynn

  • I started my challenge on the 29th of March, so far so good.

  • Debs: I'm still here.

    live, laugh, love

  • I always forget about this thread.  I am on C1W9D59.  Have not missed one workout or cheated.  Haven't done measurements, plan on doing them tomorrow.  I see positive changes in upper body, lower body is slower.  My quality of sleep is a million times better and my skin and eyes glow!!

  • Rosemary - I totally agree with you on the sleeping thing. I am getting up earlier and earlier everyday and it is definitely helping me look good for my boss. I have also been told I am not snoring as much which a wierd but positive side benefit.

    James - Thanks my friend! I am not sure how to approach my AR in May since each time I do that I start straying farther and farther off track. I do know i need to take a few weeks off from the suppliments to let my body filter that out and kind of reset. I am hoping on my AR I still do cardio each day but not as intense and continue with the diet but cut out one meal to account for less calories being burned... What do you do on your AR times?