Week of May 17th challenge starters post here

  • Tennis Elbow anyone?

    I just completed day three and feel great.  Only problem is upper body workout. I have tennis elbow (really hurts, had one shot and expect another next week) any ideas on how I can work around it for upper body. The first day I went throught the workouts with no weight but it caused it still caused pain.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. WOuld ask Doc but don;t go back until next week.


  • Greetings Everyone!  C1W1D3

    Had a great LBWO today, and nutrition was spot on.  I also have been using the BFL success journal to help streamline my daily planning.  I have to day that it really does make me think ahead of time about my workouts and nutrition.  I would recommend it to anyone!  Overall, things are going well with my first week.  It's great to see so much activity here, I hope to stay connected with this group for the whole 012 weeks.

    James-Thanks for posting the mad TV video, I really laughed.  You are so right, there are some mindsets in that video that got me to where I was when I started my challenge.  I needed the laugh!

    Jill-Welcome!  I am a BFL retread too!  The good news is that we know this program works.  Hope to see you in here a lot more!

    Take care everyone!  Have a great Thursday!


  • Hey 517ers,

    Day 3 and I feel pretty good.  Workout is tough, but I can see where I want to be at the end of this journey.  I had my first big challenge eating yesterday.  I went to a funeral and had dinner with some friends that I only see about 3 times a year.  They all decided to go to a wing place for dinner.  I'm freakin out at this point.

    I thought I was strong, but not as strong as I should've been.  I had grilled chicken dinner with hot sauce, steamed broccolli, a salad with balsamic dressing.  Where I dissappointed myself was I broke down and had a drink.  I did choose absolut with diet coke instead of the 34 oz beer.  As proud as I was for not getting the all you can eat wings, I hated myslef for getting the drink.  

    I own a bar, and have prepared myself not to hang around for a cold one once I get off work, but to break down and have a drink on the second day just made me sick.

    Today, I got back on track and felt good!!  I decided to weigh just for s & g's.  I have lost 6 lbs since Monday.  I know I have a long way to go, but that 6 lbs put a little fire under me.

    Good luck to everyone!!


  • Happy THURSDAY 517ers!  Marcus, I had to laugh...we are retreads!  I am one too...I did two challenges back to back in 2001/2002.  Funny how we came back to what works.  I had a great cardio session this morning.  Hope everyone else's is great too.

    I am also using the BFL Journal this time around and even though it's only day 4 it is really making a difference.

    Have a terrific day everyone and let's stay on plan!


  • up! cardio this morning...only 20 minutes I swear...and a 5 minute cool down on the treadmill...

    hoping not as tired today...

  • okay. 517'ers.  up and at 'em.  cardio done.  man, i will conquer that elliptical if it kills me...ok, not that serious, but it will be mine!  had a great workout.  did the 20 min program on it.  tough but effective!!  have a great day, everyone!!!

  • Alright!!!! C1W1D4, 4 days in and feeling great!  Cardio kicked my rear, but it was great.  I don't know if I should trust my heart monitor, because it says I burned 583 calories during cardio.  Question, How acurate are heart monitors on calories burned?  

    Hope everyone is doing great!  Marcus, keep it rocking!

  • TEDSBIKERBABE, It is normal to lower weights at the beginning to fine tune what your intensity levels are.  I would recommend not staying at the same for all sets.  Go ahead and lower your start weights to ramp up to your maximum.  Try it for a few days.  It might seem too easy for those first couple of sets.  As the weeks proceed you can increase them.

    I started my bench presses with just the olympic bar  No weights at all.  Now I have more weight on it as I learned what my intensity levels were.

  • Hey Dustin,

    Those gizmos are notoriously poor at giving you calories burned.  Same for machines.  What they are good for is seeing if the number increases as you proceed.  As your weight lowers and your body becomes more efficient with exercise you will see less calories burned for the same amount of work you did week one.  That is why we have to continue to increase intensity as we proceed through the weeks.

  • where's the Mad Tv video? I wanna see! LOL!

  • I admit I AM using machine weights until I get stronger. I AM starting to see results, plus I wear my Sketchers " Shape Ups and I CAN see a difference... a dress that I couldn't get into I will be able to wear just fine for a wedding next week.! so happy!

    Our Y has the Fit Linxx system to connect everything...my progress is kept online, plus it tracks any cardio machines  I use. I just did 24 minutes of cardio plus 5 minutes of cool down on the treadmill...I am now up to being able to jog for 1 one minute uphill...WAY better than 3 weeks ago. I went 1.5 miles and the machine claimed I burned 177 calories today

    When I did this challenge 11 years ago I didn't see results as quickly using free weights. With fibro I like the machines as they help me lift and let down in a timely fashion. I'm NOT hurting as much as I have...that's the best...

  • Thanks James,

    I wasn't really trusting it as means for any type of measurement.  I is just good to see how hard I am pushing myself, with the heart rate of course.  The calories burned was just side note to see.  What I like about mine is I can see the high, low, and average heart rate and whether I am keeping my heart rate in my preset zone for working out.

  • Thanks, James.

  • Good afternoon!

    I had my body fat percentage measured yesterday (22.3%).  Not as bad as I thought it was going to be!  Next week I will be going into the "weight room" at the gym.  That room intimidates me but with the support of a fellow BFL challenger (and gym member), I think I'll be fine!  Avoided the temptation at a Union meeting yesterday despite the selection of breads, pasta, and of course italian pastries.  I grabbed a bottled water off the table BEFORE they put the food out and didn't go back up!  Thank goodness the meetings are only once a month.  That is the problem with being in education...there are always meetings with plenty of delicious (and fattening) foods available!  Had a great Zumba class last night (dance/cardio)...really worked up a sweat!  So far I have three smiling face stickers on my chart....let's hope it continues!

    Have a happy and healthy day!


  • How long have you had your Sketchers?  I was reading about them online (description/reviews).  Do you think they work?