Week of May 17th challenge starters post here

  • Landhippo,

    your symptoms sound like ones I had forever. I found out two months ago I have Celiac disease(more of a condition for me) Your body  sounds like it cannot handle anything with gluten, although I'm stumped on the potatoes...the only thing there might be a problem with veggies in the nightshade family( eggplant, tomatoes, etc)

    the bloated and pregnant looking belly though sounds like classic Celiac...Gluten is found in so much food, but fairly easy to avoid if you are aware....

    hope that helps ;0)


  • Me Too James? Please?

    I know I'm 2 weeks in but you've really been immensely helpful and it's nice to find  people you've just met who actually give a hoot!

  • dagney, I hope all works out for you.  this challenge i believe can do nothing but help.  we are all here for you ***hug***

    so i finished cardio.  chose elliptical.  man is that tough.  been on and off it for the past 2 months but nothing serious.  always did a lap in 15 minutes, but today....i did two laps in two minutes.  Yay me!!  was tough sticking to the intensity levels on first day but i am soaking wet, so that's got to be good.  blew it out on minute 19 for a minute.  

    have a great day, everybody.  talk to you tomorrow!!

  • Did my weights yesterday, wound up having to eat out but I got a meal at Applebees that was on their WW points menu. A 4 oz sirloin with steamed broccoli and about a 1/2 cup serving of redskin potatoes, sliced portabello shrooms..virtually no fat...

    Dinner was lean London broil topped with a teaspoon of low fat Enchilada sauce and spinach...I try NOT to eat starch carbs at dinner....

    Up, had a Myoplex  carb control bar, some ice tea to wake up ( no sugar, I don't drink it) and I will be at the gym at 9 am...I figured 3 hours before I work out would be ok even for cardio @ 9 am

  • landhippo, definitely experiment with the carbs to find more variety that works for you.  If something is making you uncomfortable after eating it then you probably don't want to use that.

    Sticking with the same carb might get boring for you, if that is not the case then carry on.

    You are also going to be getting some carbs through your veggies.

    TheOnlyAlexandra, sounds like you made some great choices while eating out.

    Dagney- All the more reason to be doing this now.  There are people in your life who need you to be around for a long time...and you need it even more.

  • Mountie, I treat the grocery store like an obstacle course now.  So many aisles I have no business in now.  You will also notice that there is less trash to take out as all the packaging from processed food is no longer there.

    My main grocery stops are:

    Meat - lean top round roasts - I live on my own and never made these in bulk before, but I marinate one in lots of minced garlic, a bit of salt and pepper til about medium.  Since these are tougher cuts of meat I will then send the whole thing through the thin slicer on my food processor.  It then gets divided up into my portion containers and some other seasoning or no fat/low sugar pasta sauce is added.  Call me weird but I like the taste of beef, brown rice and dijon mustard.

    Chicken, I do pretty much the same as with the beef, bake the bre asts for 20 minutes and then portion them out.

    Lean Ham and Turkey - on a whole wheat tortilla or sandwich thin with lettuce and mustard.

    Veggies - I'm a two trick pony here, frozen broccoli and green beans.  Adding more variety would be great, but I like the fiber in these two and I really don't like veggies at all....I still gobble down at least two portions a day.

    Eggs-  I started out strong with the egg white omelet in the first few weeks, but haven't touched them since.  I like them I think I just got tired of them.  

    Oatmeal - I have come to really enjoy this stuff, My first meal of the day is usually oatmeal with protein powder mixed in.

    The rest of the grocery store I just skip, If I do see a free day item, I will pick it up if on sale and it goes right to the "free day shelf."  I am good at avoiding temptation so no worries.

  • Feel free to just call me Alex...I don't see any others here...


    heading to gym soon with I pod in tow!

  • Hi everyone!!!  I started the 17th and am feeling good.  Keeping the "nasty stuff" out of my fridge and cabinets.  I have 34 lbs to lose and really feel like I can do it....Gonna post my picture tomorrow!  My mind is gonna try and  mess with me and I don't want to quit!!!!    Andrea....it is easy to shop for and cook the food...don't worry!!   I felt motivated just leaving the store without any junk in the cart!  Jennifer

  • Hello All!

    I started the challenge yesterday as well and so far so good (of course it's only been one day).  The thing that surprised me the most was that I wasn't hungy at all!  Here's a little bit about myself.  I got married three years ago.  My husband is eleven years younger than me and to make matters worse he is young-looking as well.  I have a fifteen year old son who is a freshman in high school.  I have been battling my weight for as long as I can remember...and I always come up on the losing end (and I don't mean weight loss).  It is a roller coaster ride I really want to get off of once and for all.  The motivation to start this challenge came when my son told me that his friend thought my husband was his older brother.  Meaning that I was my husband's mother rather than his wife!  That did it! So when a co-worker (friend) told me about the challenge I knew it was something I HAD to do!  I have my journal complete with a number/sticker chart (each day I stick to my eating/exercise plan I earn a sticker...it may sound ridiculous but it does help me stay accountable to myself...if I see more blank squares than stickers then I know I'm in trouble).  Anwyay, I belong to a gym and have been going since December.  A friend at the gym is also joing the challenge.  I know what to do but have never been able to make a total life change but through reading the book (Champions for Life) and listening to an audio of the original Body for Life book I feel more motivated and inspired than I have ever felt in the past (taking and seeing my Before pictures was a real eye-opener as well....)

    Here are my statistics:

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'7

    Weight: 155.2

    Age: 37

    Body Fat %: Being measured on Wednesday

    Occupation: Teacher/Literacy Coach


    1. Control eating: only eat set meals/snacks (no picking)

    2. Get lean/toned (Not sure how many pounds yet...any suggestions?) Maybe a size 4!

    Thank you for offering to be a coach.  Knowing there is someone (actually a community of people) to offer support will make all the difference!  If you have any suggestions/comments I would love to hear them!


  • I started yesterday, the 17th - day one was a success and day two is going well...drinking lots of water helps and so does being prepared! I am doing my workouts in the morning early so I can enjoy the satisfaction all day long of having already completed the workout.

  • Welcome JennReyn and Heather, there are about 20 folks who started at the same time as you.  I am in week nine right now and started this thread for y'all to keep myself motivated and help get you through what can be an amazing 12 weeks for you.  I am not an expert but I have had good results so far.  I have kept my eating absolutely clean and not missed a workout.  

    I posted my before picture in the Media Gallery on the day I started (March 19th.)  You can go look at me in all my blubbery glory.  I originally hated that picture but as I take new ones each week I am coming to love it.  It shows me what I am capable of.

    All 517ers, if you haven't taken a before picture yet, do it now.  You can upload it if you want and I highly recommend it for accountability.  You can post a copy on your refrigerator as well, if you work out at home post a copy in your workout space.  :)

    Let us all know how today's cardio went.  Remember getting up and moving is a first step toward health, it doesn't matter if you start slow, what will matter is the progress you have made be the end of the challenge.


    C1W9D6  Start weight 221, Current Weight 194, 44 years old 5'11"

  • OK i spend 3/4 of my day away from home i need to find portable protein ideas that will stay for long periods of time with out being in the fridge...Any ideas?

  • Hi Kristin,

    You may have to get a small cooler, many people do.  If you are not near a fridge for extended periods you will have to plan a bit more.  I have seen the small (6 pack sized) coolers with the freezable insert really cheap.

    I have even resorted to packing a few plastic zip bags with ice and packing my food in a larger plastic bag with the ice baggies to keep it chilled.  I reused the baggies for weeks.  

    I hope you like tuna.  They have those sealed pouches now that travel well.  Just pack up a whole wheat tortilla or sandwich thin and make a sandwich.  Some raw veggies will top it all off.

    If you are expecting to be away from home alot I would also portion out a few servings of protein powder into zipper baggies.  Put the baggies in your car or desk drawer for emergencies.  Just empty into a cup and add water.

    Anybody else have ideas for Kristin?

  • Heather, I love the sticker schedule!!!!  For my next challenge after this one I am going to do a wall chart with stickers!

  • Thanks James,

    I also plan to take some healthy food to my boyfirend's since he is your typical bachelor, he'd rather eat McDonald's 5 nights in a row then buy groceries so I figure if i leave some healthy food there I will be in business.