Week of May 17th challenge starters post here

  • Glad to hear that I'm not the only one experiencing an increase in appetite. I'm having a harder time now going three hours between meals than I was the first few weeks. Week 1 was tough, then it got better, and now I'm struggling to make it those three hours again. I'm wondering if this is because I'm having a hard time getting that 6th meal in at night. My schedule puts it at 9pm-usually when I'm about ready to crawl into bed and I just don't want to eat something that late. I'm starting to think maybe I should just always force myself to eat something (like a yogurt) and maybe that'll help during the next day. My clothes are fitting better, but I feel like the scale weight is slowing down (although I'm trying just to weigh in once a week). Any thoughts from the experienced BFL-ers out there? Is it okay to eat 2-2 1/2 hours after a meal instead of waiting the full 3 hours? Or is it better to stick it out for the three hours? I don't want to be working against my metabolism so I'm not sure the best way to handle this.



  • Hey everyone,

    Cassidy (girlfriend) and I are still here and going strong, just haven't posted in a while. She's lost about 8lbs. (130lbs down to 122lbs) and I've lost about 15 lbs (213lbs down to 197.5lbs). Seems as though everyone is seeing progress, glad to hear it! We've tried to "raise the bar" every week and we are definitely noticing results.

    Half way there! But gotta continue increasing that intensity!!

    - Madison

  • Yeah Yeah, I know how you feel dorivera22. Im in the same boat and struggling with not hitting the results I was expecting. Ive got something like 40 pounds to loose but have only seen 7 scale pounds come off. I did come to the determination that BFL is working. I may not be finished after a single challenge but the way Im starting to see it is, this challenge isnt about getting a beach body in 12 weeks. Its about developing habits that will last the rest of our lives. You know Christmas is only 5 months away (-: and I suspect that it will be here before we know it. I can give up or I can keep working BFL. As time passes I will reach my goals. Maybe not at a champions speed but it will happen


    When I focus on hurrying my goals I get stressed. Im learning to give it my all, knowing that it will happen in the right amount of time.

  • Melissa

    In resosne to you question is is OK to eath 2/1/12 hours  instead of waiting for full three hours -  I beleive the answer is Yes -     I remember in one of the books it stating "eat 6 quality meal every 2-3 hours"...     So I don't think 3 hours has to be a rigid increment-       Allowing that shorter time might help you get that  6th meal in -   you could be getting to it a little earlier in the evening -not trying to eat as your crawlingin bed....

    Greetting to rest of May 17 folks  -  Have a great week.

    Status for me:   I have gone down seveal inches  in waist size  and took status picutres and was amazed at how diffenetn I look from day 1.      My weight loss has been much lower than I wanted  (lost  10 so far ,  which isn't much considering I  am a heavy male with 70 excess pounds of fat to lose)    But honestly I know if I hadn't cheated so much on eating plan the last  two weeks and actually drank my water,  I  would have  lost more weight.         BUT I FEEL GREAT -   tired a few days last week but  the improvemetnts in my energy level since I started BFL,   the changes I noticed already have me motiviated to get back on track,  and keep going till I get down under 200 pounds.        

    And It helps hearing how the rest of you are doing!

  • Hey 517ers.  It is Week 6!  Yay for you all.

  • Hi Thistimewillbeit

    Because I go straight to work from the gym I dont eat my first meal till 8.30am, I then eat again at 10.30/11am, 1/1.30pm, 3.30/4pm 6.30/7pm and then my last meal is at 9pm. Sometimes there is only 2 hours between my first 3 meals to get the calories in as early as possible after my training as your metabolism is still running faster then. It doesnt seem to be affecting my progress clothes are all loads looser and measurements are coming down.

    "The future will be made up of the present. By taking good care of the present, we take good care of the future." Thich Nhat Hanh

  • Yay, I am so excited.  I am hoping to see better results this 6 weeks.  I am going to use Betagen and CLA's hopefully some more fat will shed and muscles will become visible.  

    Congratulations 517ers.

  • Ridshack,

    Thanks for your reply my problem this morning is i think i have a shin splint in my right leg it was hurting Tuesday when i did my running and yesterday I was in so much pain I was actually screaming... yes it hurt that bad. Today I did the rowing machine and it started hurting about 10 min into my workout but I didn't stop. I took some Ibuprofin and I'm taking it easy today. I hope this does not hinder my progress. Thanks again.


  • SianmcLauren,

    I go straight from gym to work also, I have  my little cooler that has a breakfast burrito in it. I premake it and wrap it in foil while it's hot so when I get outta the gym I can eat it on my travel. Only one problem with it, if you're like me you may need a bib. LOL. Maybe it will work for you too.

    Good Luck, keep up the good work.


  • Still here and plugging away, this week my work schedule is all twisted, different shifts, different day and I am a creature of habit, so it's been challenging for me work in gym and meals, but I have done it all week. One night they had to kick me outta gym cause I got there at 10:45 but challenges are good for us all.

    Progress Awaits.......


  • TLC checking in. I did something sooo fun today. I went shopping in my own closet. OMG, I felt like a little 5 year old playing dress up. I have lost 15 lbs as of last Sunday and my body is changing shape for the better. I do highly recommend this ladies. I have a pair of black pants that I hadn't worn in almost two years that I loved. I got them on and zipped them, don't dare sit down in them yet, but I they went over my butt & I zipped them, YEAH!

    Hang in there ladies, this will challenge you even more, we got alotta sexy inside there itching to get out!


  • Congratulations TLC yeah you!!! I know it works I am happy to report that I have lost exactly 10.5 lbs.  Still getting into my clothes I wore on the cruise last year.  I am so excited, cannot wait to see what the next half will bring me.  


  • Hey Dora,

    Keep up the good work. When running try not to land on your heal but more mid foot. Of course give yourself time to heal before running again. When I first started the challenge I was feeling sharp pains in my left knee when running so I used the bike for a month. Any cardio that gets your heart rate up will suffice. You'll even continue to improve your stamina while you heal.

    BTW Knee is doing fine and I am running again (-:


  • Fine2008,

    Congrats on 10.5! It feels so good to see progress and so much healthier, I am really actually enjoying this lifestyle. Energy and curves, can't beat that. So keep up the great work girlfriend:)


  • Ok, I am in Houston going to a wedding shower tonight for my sister-n-law.  They are having a crawfish boil tonight.  That's it, I think I might be in trouble.  I can have some shrimp, don't eat the crawfish, I can have some corn and maybe a potato, will not eat a lot.  I don't really drink beer, but might today.  LOL

    Did not have a machine to do any cardio today, but did walk around the block a lot, so hot here in Houston, hate the weather.