Week of May 17th challenge starters post here

  • Oops my bad I thought James had replied.  Thanks BeckyBeach for the talk, it helped

  • I am on C2W3D1.. I haven't found anyone who started about when I did so I have no idea where to go..."just keep swimming" I guess LOL!

  • It's ok Alexandra, you can swim with us.  I know I don't mind if you are a little ahead of me.  We all need help somewhere along the way.


  • I did the BFL back in 2001 so I could get healthy...it worked and I felt and looked great. Since then I've gained 30 pounds while working fulltime and going to school full time. I just graduated and now I'm an RN working 3 days a week...I'm tired...out of shape...depressed...and in desperate need of change. I hope this forum thing will give me the motivation I need to stay on task and have me believe again that I'm worth it. I truly have become my worst enemy.

    Gender: Female      Ht: 5 6     Weight: 160

    Goal: lose fat, get lean, eat healthy, have energy, be a role model for living healthy for my kids.

    Week 1...here we go.


  • Today was Day 1.  Yay me!!  I know I can do this!!

    Current Height     5'5

    Current Weight    294

    Current Bodyfat % if you have had it measured

    Gender   F

    What is your goal for this 12 weeks?   At least 24 lb and at least one size down.

  • Day 1

    Work out one complete

    Starting weight      178

    height       5'6

    Gender     F

    Goal weight  155

  • James, you have quite the group here.  Anyone want to name the group?

  • Day 1 just about over.  I had to adjust my lunch, but I still keep it in the same family.  I'm getting ready to do my workout, then a nap and off to work.  I have to go out of town tomorrow for a funeral, and I am spending the night with a friend that I only see 2 or 3 times a year.  I'm a little concerned how I'm going to fight the battle of eating out this week and turning down a few social drinks.  

    I have chosen not to tell any of my friends that I'm on this journey, I want to surprise them.  I had planned on eating all of my meals at home this week, because I knew it would be the easiest to stick to it for the first week.

    I'm not sure I am ready for this test so early in the challenge.


  • It is so great that everyone is keeping up with posting.  This is my first post today and so far so good.  James can you help me with what are some of the dietary ok's and not?  I know we are supposed to drink lots of water.  What is ok to drink besides water?  Can you drink things with artificial sweetener?  How about things with caffeine?

    And on the food we can eat.  So, I went to lunch with a friend and I think I did really good, but don't be shy to tell it like it is if I did not.  I ordered Cajun Talapia with mixed vegetables over rice.  I had a salad with about a teaspoon of balsamic vinaigrette and pushed aside the cheese and croutons.  Next time I would ask to hold the cheese and croutons.

    I guess my biggest question is whether I should have asked if there was anything on the fish or vegetables.  The fish was grilled, but looked like it had some butter on it.  I'm hoping that if it did, that falls within my limit.

    And lastly.  Are we supposed to limit added fats (unsaturated) to 1 Tablespoon a day?  

    Thanks for helping with all the questions.  Is there a place where I can see suggested menu's and maybe recipes?  How many meals a day  do you eat?

  • James,

    This message I have questions on the exercise.  I live in a very rural area and I exercise at home.  Is a choice of aerobic or weights each day?  Or can you do either?  I'm kind of limited right now on the weight thing but have equipment on order.  

    Thanks for the help.

    To everyone else, keep up the great work.  

  • Kristin,

    Looks like we have almost the same height/weight ratio and the same goal.  I'd love to tag team supporting each other if you have the time.


  • I'm Gypsy!  My husband Joe and I are starting the challenge this Wednesday, the 19th..  I know it's weird to start in the middle of the week but that's when our week actually begins.  For the past week I've been prepping for the challenge, scheduling, planning, shopping for healthy food.  I'm 51, weight ~ 188 and have been heavy for the past 10 years.  Life has been less than exciting for me for quite a while now.  In the past I have relied on Weight Watchers to lose weight, but regardless of attending the meetings, and tracking every bite that goes into my mouth, the weight loss has been extremely slow, and with only a few days a week of exercise, I have never had a toned or defined body.  I have never really weight trained.  This will be something completely new to my body, as I now realize the need to build muscle in order to burn calories and fat.  I'm ready to start living!  I am so jazzed about this program and I know that I desperately need the change NOW if I am to live a healthy and active senior life in the years to come.  

    I have an appointment to weigh have body fat measured tomorrow, and my husband and I will be taking each others' "before" pictures tonight.  Wednesday can't come soon enough!

    Raise your water glasses and lets toast to WEEK 1!!!!!



  • Today is Day 1!!          

    It is Very exciting  to be taking action instead of complaining or berating myself for way I look and feel.

    Current Height   6'2"

    Current Weight:  260

    Current Body fat % 36% according to my bathroom scale

    Gender:   Male

    What is your goal for this 12 weeks?        

                                     To lose 30 lbs of Fat in 12 weeks

                                     Gain 5 pounds of muscle  

                                      and be fired up and inspired for a second round.

    One thing that helped me get ready to start the challenge today was I took 1 week to  Test run or warm up to program.      Getting up at 4:30 in the morning to exercise before work was not something I was used to.  So I started  work-outs  last week, to get used to getting up  (and learned I got to go to bed earlier than I use to).   and it gave me a feel for my starting weights for this week.        Also eating 6 meals was a big switch for me so that warm up gave me time to screw up (missing meals) and learn how to avoid some pitfalls, so now I feel ready to focus on starting the challenge today.      

    Looking forward to  seeing how I and the other of May 17th starters  transform.

  • WooHoo!  Looks like we have a full house up in this thread.  I am going to organize a list now to keep it handy.  Please, please, please come back here often.

    Our goal is too encourage each other and keep each other motivated.

    As questions come up, I (or somebody else) will undoubtedly answer them.

    I like the suggestion to name the group, for now you can be the 517ers based on your start date.

  • Alrighty, I went through the thread and compiled the names of the 517ers.

    Everybody...meet each other.

    Dagney - DSEngler

    Dustin - dustin76

    Wendy - wday1015


    Mary K - Barrel Racer


    Becky - BeckyBeach77


    Marcus - Martuc

    Cindy - CindySims







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